Is Echo Show 15 a Hub?

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We live in a world of smart technology, with the number of interconnected devices within the home increasing daily. As a result, some smart devices have become central hubs for monitoring and controlling different home appliances remotely. Is the Echo Show 15 one of these hubs?

The Echo Show 15 can act as a smart hub. Like other Amazon Echo Show devices, it can connect to multiple Echo and other external devices, remotely monitor security systems, and use Alexa AI.

Hubs make navigating smart technology easier, especially if you have a lot of devices in your home. Keep reading to learn more about using your Echo Show 15 as a hub!

Is the Echo Show 15 a Hub?

The Echo Show 15 can function as a smart hub. It has a significant influence and control over many smart home devices, including other Echo models. The Echo Show also has built-in compatibility with:

  • Ring devices
  • Blink devices
  • iOS devices

Offering broad compatibility, numerous smart appliances within your home can be linked to the Echo Show 15 for easy monitoring.

What is a Smart Home Hub?

A smart home hub is essentially a control center for smart appliances. Most appliances, including doorbells, security cameras, and Bluetooth speakers, must be set up online before they can connect to a hub.

Today, even minor things like schedules, to-do lists, and event reminders are often held online. A smart hub can make things easier if you have many appliances with distinct online platforms, each running in their respective apps.

A smart hub can control multiple devices through one app, website, or device. However, only supported devices can be connected. Most hubs can only connect devices of the same brand, but since Alexa is such a big player in the smart technology world, it has a wide range of compatible devices.

How to Use the Echo Show 15 As a Hub

Amazon’s Echo Show 15 can only function as a hub when Alexa-enabled devices are connected to it. It is through Alexa that the Echo Show 15 controls smart home devices.

If you want to link your doorbell, security cameras, light bulbs, speakers, or any other smart devices to your Echo Show, you must first ensure they are compatible with Alexa. Then, you can set up your devices in their respective apps. For example, if you want to link a Blink Doorbell to Alexa, you first need to connect it to the Blink app. When that is done, follow these steps to connect your device to your Echo Show:

  • Launch the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Click on “Devices.”
  • Tap “More” in the top right corner.
  • Click “Add Devices.”
  • Select the device you wish to add.

After following the on-screen instructions, your device will be connected to your Alexa system. You can control them through your Echo Show using voice commands.

What Makes the Echo Show 15 a Hub?

All Amazon Alexa devices can be used as a hub, or a control panel and meeting ground for smart technology. The Echo Show 15 is a hub because it can:

  • Perform different tasks
  • Link family members together
  • Access other devices

Below, we’ll discuss each of these functions in more detail.

Perform Different Tasks

The Echo Show 15 has many features that keep you active and ready to engage daily. A few of the tasks and functions you can perform using the Echo Show 15 include:

  • Play music
  • Browse recipes
  • Make video calls
  • Stream shows and movies
  • Set reminders and schedules
  • Watch security camera feeds
  • Order food and ask for meal recommendations

You don’t have to download tons of different apps for each of these functions. The Echo Show 15 has them all pre-configured.

Link Family Members Together

You can add your family members’ visual and voice IDs to the Echo Show 15, allowing them access to all the device’s features. You can set reminders for your loved ones, let your kids play games, make digital sticky notes instead of pasting them on the fridge, or make your kitchen more vibrant with the digital recipe widget.

Access Other Devices

Using the touch screen or voice-activated controls, you can access other smart devices through your Echo Show 15. Through Alexa and Echo Show 15, you can ask:

  • “Alexa, show me the front door.” This will open the live feed for any security camera you have near the front door.
  • “Alexa, switch on the workshop light.” This will turn on a smart lightbulb in your workshop.
  • “Alexa, ask Blink to arm.” This will activate your Blink Doorbell’s security features.

Through the 15.6-inch screen, you can do many things just by uttering a command. Although most of these functions are Alexa-enabled, it doesn’t discredit the versatility of the Echo Show 15. You can access these features and many more through the Echo Show 15.

Concluding Thoughts

The Echo Show 15 can be used as a hub to connect all your smart devices and make life easier. A hub is all but necessary for homes with many smart devices. Instead of controlling each through its respective app, you can control all devices in your home through your Echo Show 15. The Echo Show 15 not only connects devices, but also connects families.

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