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Is Echo Show 10 a Smart Hub

Last Updated Dec 26, 2021
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Echo Show 10 is another echo device recently brought out by amazon. It takes some of the features of the previous generations and continues to improve upon them. With so many echo show types to choose from you might wonder if this is capable of meeting your needs. Other echo devices lack a built-in hub but does the Echo Show 10 change that.

The Echo Show 10 has a built-in Zigbee smart home hub, which is also used in other echo devices. This smart hub lets the Echo Show 10 be used in combination with other smart home devices. Smart devices like locks, alarm systems, security cameras and more can be controlled with the Echo show hub 10.

Being one of Amazon’s newest Echos it has improved on many of the features from past devices. If you consider getting an Echo Show 10 to use as an intelligent hub for your home, then know it is compatible with most smart devices. Other utilities may surprise you in Amazon’s Echo Show 10.

Is Echo Show 10 a Smart Hub

Amazon Echo has a built-in smart hub, which is a big improvement when compared with the previous generations. Echo show 10 has a built-in Zigbee hub that makes it easy to use with other Zigbee devices. The Echo show 8, and 5 lack this so you would need another device to use as a hub.

Some Smart Devices you can connect to the Zigbee hub:

  • Ring Camera
  • Nest Security Cameras
  • Smart Light Bulbs
  • Thermostat and HVAC devices
  • Smart Outlets
  • Light Switches
  • Motion Sensors
  • Smart Locks
  • Samsung Smart Devices

With the Zigbee Hub, you are able to connect and control different smart devices. If you are a fan of smart devices or want to upgrade your home then the Echo smart hub 10 will let you control them all from one device. Checking a device’s manual, or looking on the Zigbee Devices website will let you know if certain smart devices are compatible with this specific smart hub. 

The incorporation of Zigbee smart hub into the echo show 10 makes it easier to control your home. Amazon Alexa is available and lets you use your home’s devices with only the sound of your voice. By saying “Alexa discover my devices” to your Echo will show you compatible devices and let you control them. The smart hub is just one of the features offered by Echo. 

Features of The Echo Show 10

With Echo Show 10 being one of the newer devices in the echo show line, amazon has improved on lots of the features when compared with past installments. One of the biggest is the built-in motion stand, that allows the display to move 175 degrees. This is useful as it is designed to follow you around, and allow you to view the screen wherever you go.

The moving display helps when video calling and will keep you in the frame when you move. This echo is able to connect with other amazon devices. It can be used as a security camera or even an entertainment screen. Apps like Netflix, Spotify, and prime video are quickly accessible and some games are able to be played.

The echo show 10 is Bluetooth compatible, speakers,and has an HD screen that lets you use it for a variety of things. You can quickly research things or even watch your favorite shows. It has a camera for video calls and audio recordings, which can turn off with its privacy switch. Echo show 10 is a good smart hub, but there are also other Echos that can fit your needs.

Echo Show 10 Compared With Other Echos

The Echo Show 10 was released in 2021, and Amazon has released a variety of echos to choose from. The Echos 10 is one of the only echos with a smart hub integrated into it, but the echos also have useful things about them. If you are looking to get an echo show, you should consider all of your options to find what will fit your needs best.

Here are some of the most popular Echo Show models and what they can offer. 

Echo ComparisonEcho Show 5Echo Show 5 KidsEcho Show 8Echo Show 10Echo Show 15
Speakers1 X 1.7”1.6”2 X 2.0”2 X 1.0” with 3.0” woofer2 X 1.6”
Camera2MP 2MP13MP + auto-framing13MP + auto-framing5 MP
Zigbee Smart HubNoNoNoYesNo
OrientationLandscapeLandscapeLandscapeLandscapeLandscape or Portrait
Built-in AlexaYesYesYesYesYes
Weight14.5 oz14.5 oz36.6 oz90.3 oz78.1 oz

The Echo Show 10 is the best of the bunch to be used as a smart hub. If you would like to learn more about Echo Show, check out this article.


The Zigbee smart hub is only in the Echo Show 10, and not in the other Echo Show amazon devices. The price may vary for each Echo show, but this is what you can expect in the Amazon device. With the different options, you can find which one suits your situation best.

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