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Is Crunchyroll Appropriate for Kids?

Last Updated Dec 2, 2022
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If your child is an anime fan, you have probably heard of Crunchyroll, a subscription streaming platform for the latest Japanese anime series. As a parent, your first safety concern is if its content is appropriate and safe for kids.

Crunchyroll has appropriate child-friendly content and an account setting that turns off access to mature content. The child lock function also blocks anime with explicit or violent content and is rated above 18 years.

In this article, we look at the child safety features of Crunchyroll and how you can find family-friendly children’s anime for your kids to enjoy.

Is Crunchyroll Content Safe for Kids?

Crunchyroll has a user age recommendation for 16 years and above. However, the site does not verify the users’ age and only requires an email address to sign up.

You can find a lot of fun and educational child-appropriate anime content on Crunchyroll. While the streaming app is available and rated 12 years on the Google Play Store and iPhone app store, it contains shows with violent and mature themes.

While the app has settings that allow you to turn off access to mature content, a child can easily turn it back on. Additionally, you can only filter searches by genre, but you cannot filter using age ratings or block entire themes.

However, you can use the child lock option to block content rated 18 years and above. You will get a notification if there is an attempt to remove the child lock, assuring you of your child’s safety.

How to Only Find Family-Friendly Anime on Crunchyroll

Unfortunately, Crunchyroll allows you to filter content searches by genre, not age. So how can you only find family-friendly content?

The best way to get your favorite family anime shows is to search for your favorite genre. You can check the ratings to ensure it’s family-friendly. 

Now, let’s see some recommendations of anime for kids.

Anime Recommendations for Kids

There are a ton of family-friendly anime shows to enjoy with your kids, apart from the commonly known Pokémon and Digimon series. 

Here are some suggestions to make your family anime movie experience memorable:

  • Naruto is an exciting series about a young ninja who aspires to become his village’s leader. In addition to the cheeky adventures, it teaches children the value of hard work.
  • Haikyuu is a sports series that is excellent for sports fans. The series will keep you entertained while highlighting the importance of teamwork.
  • Hikaru No Go involves a young boy discovering a haunted Go board in his grandfather’s home. You can enjoy the adventures of Hikaru as he learns to play and learns values such as respect and friendship.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist is suitable for older kids due to its complex theme and sometimes violent scenes.
  • Inazuma Eleven movies and series showcase the story of an underdog school soccer team. This classic story will captivate you and teach your kids some positive character lessons.
  • Silver Spoon is a comedy series about Hachiken, a young boy who enrolls in an agricultural school to escape the city. The adventures are sure to keep you entertained.
  • Sound! Euphonium is a musical series about a high school concert band club and the resulting friendships. If you are a musical family, you will enjoy this, and you might get inspired to start a family band.
  • Golden Kamuy is a historical adventure story involving a young indigenous Japanese girl and a soldier who team up to recover lost gold.

Now you know some anime, but what are the 5 best ones on Crunchyroll that kids can watch?

What Are 5 of the Best Children’s Anime On Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll has various kids’ shows that will keep your kids entertained. If you have no idea where to start, check out these top-rated children’s shows.

Bananya And the Curious Bunch

This funny show is about the secret life and adventures of cute kittens who live in bananas. Additionally, the three-minute episodes are ideal for young kids with short attention spans.

Chi’s New Address

Chi is the perfect anime for you to watch as a family. It has longer episodes, and the Cat’s adventures will keep your kids glued to the screen.

Folktales From Japan

The episodes feature stories adapted from traditional Japanese folktales. You can include this in your child’s bedtime routine.

My Hero Academia

This superhero series is ideal for older kids since it has some mild violent scenes. The story runs a theme of helping others in need which is a great message for kids.


If your kid is into gaming, this is perfect for them. The series is about Yugi; a boy bullied until he got superpowers after solving an ancient puzzle. He uses his powers to challenge evil and protect his friends.

You can introduce your kids to anime by streaming these unique and interesting shows that teach valuable lessons without worrying about mature content. 

In Conclusion

Crunchyroll has great anime shows for all members of your family. However, since most content has mature themes, using child lock and turning off mature themes will give you peace of mind.

Additionally, you can reinforce safety by making watching anime a family activity, talking to your children about acceptable content, and monitoring their history on the app.