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Is Cam Plus Lite Free? Updated Wyze Pricing Plus Subscription Changes!

Last Updated May 7, 2022
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Wyze is a top-of-the-line, budget-friendly smart home security system that has recently hit the market. It has gained a lot of momentum due to its affordability and quality. These cameras are great for indoor and outdoor use, and the product lines are growing continuously. When buying these cameras, consumers have a common question: “Is Cam Plus Like free?”

Wyze Cam can now take part in Came Plus Lite for free for anyone who acquires a new one. The service requires that you sign up and choose the amount you will pay. Since it is a “pay what you want” option, you can pay zero for it. 

It is an excellent system because it offers users the opportunity to gain extra security features at minimal or no cost. The person detection software is really helpful for finding out if a package has arrived at the house, if someone has come to ring the doorbell, or just to see if there is an animal that has been lurking around the yard. So how do you sign up? Read on to learn more.

How to Sign Up for Cam Plus Lite

You can sign up for Cam Lite Plus if you’re brand new to the service and want to take advantage of all its amazing features. By doing so, users will be able to subscribe to individual cameras on their plan so that they can get the most out of them. Following these simple instructions will allow you to subscribe to the service:

  1. On your smartphone or computer, go to “Wyze Services.”
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Click “Catalog” and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Click “Subscribe.”
  5. Choose “$0” as your contribution amount.
  6. Select “Next.”
  7. Accept the Terms of Service, then click “Pay Now” or “Subscribe for free.”

In the future, users will have the chance to revert back to their original subscription plan at any time by following the same steps. They will also be able to adjust the cost accordingly as well. This is a great benefit because the plan can change based on someone’s needs and life.

For now, the updated pricing options are extremely flexible and a fantastic option for anyone who has just one or a whole system of Wyze cameras.

I Have Wyze Home Monitoring; now What?

Some people may already be Wyze home monitoring customers. If this is the case, the process will work differently for these users. Those users who want to swap over to the Wyze Cam Plus Lite package will need to take part in the following steps:

  1. Upon signing up for Cam Plus Lite, you will automatically be enrolled at a discounted rate. 
  2. Please ensure that Cam Plus Lite is assigned to your cameras in the Wyze app.
  3. Navigate to “Account” 
  4. Select “Services”
  5. Tap “Cam Plus Lite”
  6. Adjust your settings and assign your cameras so that they are enrolled appropriately

Connecting your cameras is simply that easy. Since it is a complimentary service, most cameras will be automatically enrolled. Users may receive an email prompting them to automatically pick their price when the cameras are rolled into the new plan.

What is Cam Lite Plus?

A free feature included with Cam Plus Lite called Wyze Person Detection, which allows you to record events for up to 12 seconds. The recordings are stored on the cloud for fourteen days after being filmed. A meaningful notification will be sent to you when you receive motion event videos containing human subjects.  

You will also have a video capture that happens every five minutes and there’s no limit to the number of devices that are connected to your account.

Does Cam Lite Plus Require a Credit Card to Sign Up?

Cam Plus Lite should not require you to enter any payment information when signing up for the service. However, it may do so for two reasons:

Your subscription to Cam Plus has already been activated. You can verify this by logging into your Wyze app.

  • Choose “Services”
  • Select “Cam Plus Lite”
  • Look to see if your account has already been activated and if you have the ability to assign cameras.

You have chosen to contribute a sum greater than $0. 

Although users do not need to have a credit card assigned to their account to sign up, it is sometimes beneficial to keep one on file. This allows users to seamlessly transition to a more premium plan in the future if they so choose.

Get Wiser with Wyze’s Cam Lite Plus

Wyze Cam Plus Lite is a great way to up the security of your home without having to pay a lot of extra money for home security services. The program is rated highly among Wyze’s users. Wyze plans to continue to enhance its product, ensuring customer satisfaction will be positive in the future.

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