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Is Blink Doorbell Wireless or Wired?

Last Updated Aug 14, 2022
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Video doorbells are a popular way for homeowners to monitor their front door and watch people approaching the door without going outside. Although, video doorbells work in different ways and have different setup features than each other depending on if you get a wired or wireless doorbell.

Blink doorbells are wireless and battery-powered. However, you can choose to wire them to the doorbell that comes with your house.

People like how convenient and versatile Blink doorbells are because you can choose to wire them if you want. Please continue reading to learn everything you need about Blink doorbells and how they’re wired.

How to Set Up Blink Doorbell

Blink doorbells are wireless by default and easy to set up because they’re battery-powered with triple-A batteries. These video doorbells help you monitor the front of your house and keep your property safe. You should follow these steps to set up your Blink doorbell with a Sync Module without hassle.

  1. Download the Blink app onto your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Set up your Sync Module and turn it on.
  3. Set up your Blink doorbell nearby your Sync Module so the devices connect without strain.
  4. Go to the home screen of your Blink app and hit the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  5. Connect your Sync Module first, then connect your cameras and video doorbell through the same screen.
  6. Allow the Blink app permission to use your camera so that you can scan the QR code on your system.
  7. When prompted, click discover the device, then allow the Blink app to connect your device to your Wi-Fi by hitting join.
  8. Repeat this process with each Blink device and tell you’re all hooked up.

If you don’t want to use a Sync Module or wire your Blink doorbell, you can choose the event response method instead. However, this method is more hands-on because it solely relies on the AAA batteries inside, so it works harder to conserve its energy. Wired connections and Sync Modules are the best way to get the most out of your device.

Can You Extend Your Blink Doorbell’s Battery Life?

The best way to extend your Blink doorbell battery life is to wire the connection to your existing doorbell or use a Sync Module. The length of time your Blink doorbell lasts depends on your settings when you enable the app and how thorough you want your security. However, if you don’t want to wire your Blink doorbell, using a Sync Module can extend your battery life by two years.

How To Connect Blink Doorbell to Home Doorbell

When you connect your Blink doorbell to your home through a wire connection, you must be careful to avoid electrical shocks. However, wired connections guarantee longer battery life and give you additional security over your home because you can run the cameras longer. Follow these steps to connect your Blink doorbell safely to your existing home doorbell.

  1. Use your circuit breaker to manually disconnect power to the doorbell site so you don’t electrocute yourself.
  2. Use your Blink doorbell app to connect your doorbell and select “wired connection” so the app can help walk you through it.
  3. Acquire a power drill, sticky tape, and video doorbell because these are the tools you will need for your installation.
  4. When your app prompts you, you must agree to all the terms and information as they pop up.
  5. Use your screwdriver to remove your old doorbell and unhook the wiring.
  6. Use your screwdriver you drill the holes where you plan to put your Blink doorbell over the installation site.
  7. Connect your backplate and secure it to the side of your house. Then, tug on it to ensure that it’s well screwed in.
  8. Line up the pins and slots that connect your Blink doorbell to your house and press firmly so they click into place.
  9. Go back to your circuit breaker and turn on the power again because you don’t have to worry about electrocution anymore. You finished the job, and you can use your doorbell as you intend by setting it up on your app.

Blink doorbells are great because you can choose to use a wired or wireless connection, depending on your house situation. For example, if you don’t own your house and it’s a rental, you probably don’t want to wire connect your Blink doorbell. On the other hand, if you’re at a house you plan to live in for years, then connecting your Blink doorbell Torah wire connection is the best way to conserve your device’s battery life and make the most out of your security.

Final Thoughts

In any situation, if you decide you want to use a wired or wireless connection for your Blink doorbell, your primary power source is still your AAA batteries. However, when you use a wire connection for your Blink doorbell, you ensure that your battery light life lasts longer, and you can use your doorbell more often without it shutting off automatically. If you want to improve your battery life but don’t want to wire-connect your Blink doorbell, then you can use a Sync Module to do the job.

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