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Is AT&T Unlimited Data Really Unlimited?

Last Updated Nov 17, 2021
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The word unlimited is used quite a bit by mobile service providers, especially when it comes to their high-speed data plans. The thing is, they all seem to have widely differing ideas about what the word unlimited means, which makes it difficult to not only choose a provider but which plan that provider offers. In the case of AT&T, they offer three separate Unlimited Plans for high-speed data, but there seems to be a considerable amount of confusion as to whether any of them offer truly unlimited high-speed data! So, is AT&T Unlimited Data really unlimited?

AT&T’s Unlimited Elite Data Plan offers unlimited high-speed data and is considered to be their top-tier plan. The company has recently released that it will no longer be throttling data speeds if its users surpass 100 gigabytes a month, meaning that when the network is busy, your high-speed data will not be reduced by AT&T.   

Now that we know AT&T offers a truly unlimited high-speed data plan, what does the Unlimited Elite plan offer, and how does it compare to the other two Unlimited Plans, and how do we figure out if it’s the best choice for us?  Read on for our comparison of the Unlimited Data Plan prices and features, plus a handy reference you can use to help you decide whether the Unlimited Elite plan is right for you!

Comparing AT&T’s Unlimited Data Plan Options

The most important thing to consider when selecting any service is to compare each option offered by the provider. AT&T offers three different Unlimited plan options, and each option includes different benefits, as well as additional data-related add-ons. Comparing these options with an eye toward your own needs is an excellent way to select a plan that fits into your lifestyle.

 We’ve provided a comparison of each Unlimited Plan’s data options in the chart below: 

 Please Note: The prices we have provided are the amount each line will cost monthly based on a plan with 4 lines. This monthly charge may be subject to change depending on the number of lines on your plan. 

Plan FeaturesUnlimited Starter$35.00 Per Line MonthlyUnlimited Extra$40.00 Per Line MonthlyUnlimited Elite$50.00 Per Line Monthly
Unlimited Talk+Text for the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, plus unlimited texting to 200+ countriesIncludedIncludedIncluded 
High-Speed DataData Speeds may be reduced if the network is busy.Data speeds may be reduced after 50 GB of usage.Data Speeds will never be reduced due to data usage.
5G AccessIncludedIncludedIncluded
HotSpot DataNot Included15GB Per Line, Per Month40GB Per Line, Per Month
HBO Max 5GNot IncludedNot IncludedIncluded
AT&T Active ArmorIncludedIncludedIncluded
Streaming DefinitionStandardStandard4K UHD Streaming Supported
Stadia Pro6 Months Free6 Months Free6 Months Free

Picking A Data Plan That Works For You

Once you know more about the available options for each data plan, it’s time to consider how each plan applies to your personal data needs. Unlimited data is an excellent option for many people, but if you don’t routinely use a high level of data, a more limited data plan may be a more cost-effective option for you. 

In this section, we’ve put together a quick set of guidelines to consider when selecting a data plan that meets your needs below:

  • Your Average Data Use: Your monthly statement provides you with how much data you used during that billing cycle. Look back on previous months to see how much data you use to determine how much you need. 
  • How Often You Use Data: If you are a frequent data user for security purposes, or you routinely find yourself in places where Wifi access is limited, you might want to consider a plan with a higher data limit or unlimited data. If you’re a sporadic user, a lower data limit may be the most cost-effective. 
  • How Many Lines You Need: If you have multiple devices that require frequent data usage, an unlimited plan could be more cost-effective, as providers like AT&T tend to offer reduced prices per line as an incentive to add additional devices. If you only use your data on one or two devices, you may want to go with a less expensive plan with a lower data limit. 


In this article, we’ve answered our initial question of whether AT&T’s unlimited data is unlimited, and we gained a ton of insight about the Unlimited Elite plan, how it compares to AT&T’s other Unlimited Plans, and some nifty guidelines to help us pick a plan that works for us. Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy your choice of content!

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