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Is AT&T Internet Good For Streaming

Last Updated Nov 9, 2021

You have been planning to change your internet provider to AT&T because your internet service has been bad lately, and you can’t stand the slow laggy speed. The next day, you walk into the store, but you have just one question in mind, is the internet service from AT&T good enough for your Netflix?

AT&T internet is good for streaming videos, audio, and games. Download speed is generally fast, and it moves from about 10Mbps – 940Mbps depending on the type of plan you subscribe to. That’s more than enough for most streaming services to stream in standard definition or high definition.

As a new AT&T subscriber, you can opt-in for the plan that supports streaming speed to ensure you enjoy their services very well. Keep reading to learn more about internet speed requirements for most streaming sites, as well as which type of internet is the best for streaming in standard or high definition.

What Internet Speed is Needed For Streaming?

Fortunately for most streamers (video, audio, and gaming), AT&T’s internet services do have the capacity and speed to serve you in any way. Although some individuals aren’t satisfied with the coverage, their internet services surpass these requirements.

There are the types of streaming and the amount of bandwidth you need to successfully breeze through them:

Type of Streaming ServiceBandwidth Required
Video Conference Calling 1-3 Mbps
Online Gaming1-3 Mbps
Standard-Definition video2.5-4 Mbps
High-Definition Video2.5-8 Mbps

Note: AT&T has various subscription plans and speeds you can sign up for, but you might not get up to that bandwidth speed due to certain factors. These include the device you are making use of, your home’s network demand, and if the overall network demand is low or high.

If you’d like to learn more about AT&T, check out this article.

What Type of Internet is Best For Streaming?

So now you are convinced enough that the AT&T internet you are about to purchase would cover all of your streaming desires, you still need to know which type of internet connection you should get when making your purchase. 

Below are the types of internet which are best for streaming when using AT&T services.

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet from AT&T is just like the satellite tv, there is an internet satellite in space sending internet signals to a dish down here on earth which may be mounted in your home or office. Data is received by this dish, and then distributed to your internet devices at home. 

This type of internet can give you HD quality when streaming, and it is limited when it comes to its internet signal qualities. Satellite internet can reach speeds of up to 100Mbps which is enough for a family. It is also pretty pricey and the data cap is on the minimal. You should only use this type of internet for streaming if you are in an area without DSL service.

DSL Internet

DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is a type of internet provided by AT&T whereby the internet is transmitted over standard telephone lines. Most places in the United States have access to DSL and connection can be made even in the most rural parts of the country. 

Speeds of up to 50Mbps can be attained using this type of internet, and it is okay for streaming. Speeds may fluctuate over time depending on your distance from the connection point.

Cable Internet

AT&T’s cable internet uses cable tv lines to distribute internet, which is quite fast. Some cable TVs are fast, and they can deliver speeds of up to 500Mbps in downloads thanks to certain upgrades. 

One reason you might love cable internet is that it is almost everywhere, covering more than 85% of the country. Cable internet is very smooth when it comes to streaming, but you should avoid creating a data logjam in the process.

Fiber Internet

Being the most recent type of internet to be introduced, AT&T fiber internet makes it possible for internet services to be transmitted using fiber optic cables, which can attain download and upload speeds from 900-1000Mbps.

When it comes to other types of internet service, the upload speed is not equal to the download speed (In fact, upload speed is about 10% of the download speed). So streaming, downloading and uploading can be done easily using AT&T’s fiber internet streaming option.


As technology advances, internet providers will improve and find more ways to provide their customers with ways to stream and stay connected to the world. For now, AT&T provides users with enough bandwidth to stream from any streaming service. Streaming is an essential part of the internet culture, and it’s not going away any time soon. It will evolve!

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