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Is AT&T Internet Good for Gaming? Is It Fast Enough?

Last Updated Nov 11, 2021

The art of gaming is a rather simple language amplified by gaming enthusiasts and game developers, the variety of games we’ve experienced span from amateur to professional. You probably also get to meet other players in multiplayer, online games that need constant and fast internet. The question is, is your AT&T connection fast enough?

AT&T offers internet speed of up to 1000Mbps and gamers also enjoy consistency and stable, affordable internet.  This means that they stand more of a chance in the game, smooth sailing and uninterrupted communication with other gamers. 

Keep reading to find out more about what  AT&T can do for you!

Why Is AT&T the Best Option for Gaming?

For gamers out there looking for a data provider to commit to long time  or you’re new gamer looking for a user friendly Internet provider, you’ve probably heard that AT&T is a top bet. They have some qualities that make them the best and this is why.

More For Less

Data charges can be a hassle, from trying to decide which plan is best for you and your pocket to various data plans that don’t deliver what they promise,  it’s different with AT&T, regardless of the plan, you always come out on top with the various plans that give you real value for your money.  

Plans such as AT&T Fiber-Internet 1000, AT&T Internet Fiber 500 and more are designed to give you more value than you pay for with multiple features available. 

If you’d like to learn more about AT&T internet, check out this article.

Outstanding Customer Service

Remember when the connection is really dragging and you’re skeptical about getting in touch with customer service because of long wait times or a cranky rep? Well, you don’t have to worry about that, AT&T has proven to be outstanding and there are almost always representatives on hand to deal with any issue you might have. 

Wide Coverage

Oftentimes, gamers face lagging, slow internet speed and poor network in some places they go to game, well, AT&T gets wide reach and has shown not to lag. They boast of having one of the widest reaches in the United States so you don’t have to worry about losing your connection in remote places.

What Is the Suggested Web Speed for Gaming?

Even though the common guideline of gaming expresses that you ought to have an internet speed of at least 3mbps and transfer speed of 1mbps , these are simply the  minimum  prerequisites for consoles like PS4 and Xbox.

For PC gaming, which is especially in demand more, a higher transmission capacity is suggested. Since there is essentially no price contrast whether you pick a 10, 25 or 50 mbps DSL bundle with AT&T versus a 100 mbps DSL bundle, you should settle on the 100 mbps.

This won’t just give you super quick download speeds in the event that you want to download and install games, it also gives  you a transfer of about 10 mbps.

How To Optimize Your AT&T Internet Speed

AT&T is a power house but at every point, they also lag in connecting. This being said, here are some tips on how best to maximize your speed:

  • Restarting your WiFi gateway every few weeks.
  • Turn off other devices connected if they’re not in use
  • Move all devices connected to WiFi closer to the gateway or router, if possible place them in the same room
  • Place your WiFi gateway in a central location in your home or office. Do not place it on the floor or near doors, just keep it elevated and close enough to your devices
  • Reboot your devices regularly to keep them free from system error, this way they have no problem connecting to the gateway
  •  Update  your gaming apps on all your devices to avoid lagging.
  • Connect your device to your WiFi gateway using a wire, wired connection makes the wifi signal stronger.
  • Move microwaves, ovens and similar appliances away from the WiFi gateway because these can interfere with your signal strength
  • Connect an extender to your WiFi gateway to boost signal strength. You can get an extender on Amazon here.

Now, let’s see how AT&T helps the data needs of gamers.

How Does AT&T Help the Data Needs of Gamers?

We have said a lot in praise to AT&T but there’s more. 

For gamers, staying connected is paramount. AT&T is very specific and intentional about gamers. Noting that for most, gaming is a leisure activity, they make gaming as affordable as possible for the average gamer, with plans that go for as low as $35/month. 

They also offer incredibly fast plans to ensure that the gamer is as engrossed in their games as possible. 


Having proven themselves to be reliable, the AT&T is an amazing option for your gaming needs both in comparison and on their own. In this article, we tell you how AT&T is compatible with gamers in terms of speed and affordability.