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Is AT&T 1000 Worth It?

Last Updated Nov 14, 2021
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AT&T 1000 is one of the fastest versions of fiber Internet access you can get from AT&T. However, if you’ve never had fiber Internet before, you might be wondering whether it’s worth paying the extra money for fast Internet.

High-speed Internet that runs at 1000 Mbps is expensive, but it can be worth it for people who need a consistent Internet connection for high-resolution streaming such as people who play online games or stream videos. Large households can also benefit from high-speed Internet.

AT&T 1000 may be worth the investment for your home, but it depends on what you use the Internet for. Keep reading to learn more about AT&T 1000 high-speed Internet and whether it’s worth purchasing for your household.

Is AT&T 1000 an Effective Service?

AT&T 1000 is their fastest and most effective wireless Internet service. This effectiveness is one of the reasons why this service is most often recommended to “power users” – that is, Internet consumers who require large amounts of bandwidth or super-fast Internet speeds.

AT&T 1000 is an effective service for the following types of Internet users:

  • Cordless households: If your Internet is the basis for all of your communication outside the home rather than landlines, you’ll want your wireless signal to be as strong as possible to avoid dropped calls.
  • Remote workers: If you depend on Internet access for business-related activities, high-speed fiber Internet like AT&T 1000 can ensure that you get the best connection possible for teleconferences, Zoom meetings, and other work duties that require Internet access.
  • Streamers: Live-streaming video games and reaction videos has become a popular hobby for many home Internet users. High-speed Internet like AT&T 1000 keeps the quality on your live streaming feeds high and prevents disconnections from a poor signal.
  • Multitaskers: If you’re someone who likes to browse the Internet with twenty different tabs open, you’re someone who could benefit from high-speed Internet. AT&T 1000 Internet allows you to have multiple tabs open or multiple devices using your Internet connection without bogging down the service.

If you don’t use your Internet service for much or you don’t have multiple users trying to use the system at the same time, you might find the AT&T 1000 fiber Internet is overkill in effectiveness for what you pay for it.

However, if you have regularly found yourself with poor connectivity because multiple people in your household use the Internet at once, fiber high-speed Internet may be something to look into.

How Fast Is AT&T 1000?

AT&T 1000 is called AT&T 1000 because it features a connection speed of 1000 megabytes-per-second (Mbps), or 1 gigabit-per-second. This allows it to download and stream at 940 Mbps. (Source: AT&T)

Since pretty much any Internet speed over 100 Mbps is considered a “fast” connection, a 1000 Mbps connection is the fastest Internet most people will have access to.

What Coverage Does AT&T 1000 Have?

Even though AT&T 1000 fiber Internet is a useful service to have, there is a problem with availability. One of the biggest challenges you’re likely to run into if you try to get AT&T 1000 is getting access to the service in your area.

Currently, AT&T 1000 Internet is only available in large southeastern cities, the Midwest, and California. Fiber Internet should only continue to become more widely available as it increases in popularity.

Advantages of AT&T 1000

AT&T 1000 might be significantly more expensive than standard Internet, but it also contains many features that make it worth the investment for certain users. Here are some of the benefits you can experience by switching over to AT&T 1000:

  • Stable connection: Video and video game streaming services have boomed in popularity over the past decade, but services like Playstation Now and Gamepass require a stable Internet connection to use. Otherwise, you may find yourself constantly getting dropped out of online matches.
  • No slow-down for multiple users: If you have a large household with people using the Internet on multiple devices at once, this can slow down Internet access to the point that no one can use it effectively. High-speed Internet allows everyone to use the Internet on as many devices as they want with no discernible impact on service quality.
  • Connection for security: High-speed Internet connections are a good choice for wireless security camera networks since they prevent a loss of connectivity that may knock the cameras offline, leaving a chink in your security. Lower-quality Internet connections may result in frequent lost footage on security cameras.

For households that have a high degree of dependency on the Internet, AT&T 1000 is the best available option for high-speed fiber Internet in many areas. It is a good choice for people who put high demands on the effectiveness of their Internet connection.

Disadvantages of AT&T 1000

While AT&T 1000 is one of the best high-speed Internet services available for residential use, there are a few downsides to this service that may deter potential users. Here are some of the disadvantages of going with a high-speed Internet service like AT&T 1000:

  • Cost: AT&T 1000 and comparable high-speed fiber Internet services can cost as much as double what you would pay for a standard residential Internet connection. This may be too much of an investment for consumers on a strict budget.
  • Availability: Many people would happily pay for fiber Internet if they could access it, but this Internet service isn’t available in every area yet.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your needs, AT&T 1000 might be considered overkill. Some Internet users can get by just fine on lower Internet speeds. But high-speed Internet can be a useful tool for those who depend on the Internet for work or play, and many people may find it well worth the money to invest in.