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Is Arlo Going Out of Business? (5 Reasons Why They Aren’t)

Last Updated Sep 10, 2022
out of business sign taped to a metal door.

As more and more smart cameras are produced, it’s easy to imagine that some brands will fade into obscurity. Brands like Ring and Wyze are starting to take over more and more of the market share from companies like Arlo.

If a company starts falling behind in the race, owners of their devices should be worried. So, is a company like Arlo at risk? Fortunately for current Arlo camera users, there are five reasons why they’re not.  

Arlo’s Security Cameras Are Still Highly Rated

In taking a look at two of the most popular tech review sites (CNET and PCMag), the Arlo Pro 3, Arlo Pro 4, and the Arlo Video Doorbell are still well regarded.

In CNET’s “Best Home Security Cameras for 2021,” the Arlo cameras took two out of five spots, winning “Best Video Doorbell” and “Best Outdoor Security Camera.” In PCMag’s review of the Arlo Pro 4, it received a rating of 4.5 stars for being convenient to install as well as having clear 2K HDR video and a wide range of options for third-party integration.

If Arlo’s cameras were lagging behind the competition, it would be a worrisome sign for the company. However, as it stands, the company is still producing high-quality smart security cameras. There’s nothing to worry about for current Arlo camera owners, and there’s something to consider for future security camera owners.

Arlo Has a Wide Variety of Camera Options

In today’s smart home, it’s important to have all your bases covered—especially when it comes to home base. Arlo has not pigeonholed itself into only selling one kind of smart camera. The three main categories of cameras they offer are security cameras, doorbell cameras, and floodlight cameras.

Arlo offers a cutting-edge 4K HDR video security camera with six-month battery life, proving that it is continuing to innovate and push the envelope when it comes to delivering the best quality camera out there. For those wanting to have a wider variety of options, Arlo offers discounted bundles so that you can have a security camera, doorbell camera, and floodlight at a lower price.

Arlo is Continuing to Innovate

In early 2021, Arlo earned two 2021 CES Innovation Award Honoree distinctions for its Arlo Essential Indoor Camera and Touchless Video Doorbell. Despite having proven success in its field, Arlo continues to demonstrate an interest in equipping its cameras with the best technology available.

Arlo isn’t settling, either. In July 2021, Arlo announced that it would be rolling out an AI-based subscription service plan with the introduction of Arlo Secure and Secure Plus.

This means that object detection will dramatically improve, and the notifications will become more interactive for users. Using the AI-based system, Arlo’s Emergency Response Team will be better equipped to quickly notify law enforcement or medical responders in the event of an emergency and better guide them to your home.

Arlo’s Boasts Award-Winning Designs

Not only does Arlo focus on integrating technology into its devices, but it also considers the aesthetics that may be appealing to the consumer. In May 2021, Arlo’s devices won three Red Dot Design Awards for their Essential Wireless Video Doorbell, Essential Spotlight Camera, and Pro 3 Floodlight Camera.

  • The design of the Essential Wireless Video Doorbell was noteworthy because of its wire-free, battery-powered design that features an industry-leading 180-degree viewing angle.
  • The Essential Spotlight Camera has the industry-standard 1080p HD video with two-way audio, but the device’s form factor makes it aesthetically appealing.
  • Lastly, the Pro 3 Floodlight Camera’s sleek, fully integrated design caught the eyes of 50 international experts involved with testing and evaluating devices for the Red Dot Award.

Arlo is Exceeding Financial Expectations

A company that fails to see an increase in sales is one that is staring into a bleak future, but Arlo is not at risk. For the second quarter of 2021, Arlo reported a 48% year-over-year growth in service, product, and total revenue, with a 133% year-over-year growth in total paid accounts. The introduction of its AI-based subscription service is only liable to further contribute to Arlo’s success.

They ended the quarter with no debt and their balances at $178.7 million. They added a record 146,000 paid accounts in Q2 of 2021, which was a 28.1% increase over Q1—not exactly what you would call a floundering company.

Final Thoughts

For anyone looking into purchasing an Arlo device but worrying about whether or not they’ll stay in business, you now have five good reasons to be confident in your purchase. The company is not likely to be going anywhere (but up), and their attention to detail in both technology and design are surefire factors to guarantee their continued success.