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Is An Insignia TV Better Than A Samsung?

Last Updated Apr 24, 2022

When choosing a new TV to add to your home, it can be hard to decide which brand will be the best option. There are over ten brands on the market, and each brand of TV has its own special set of features. Additionally, each brand comes at a different price point. A common question is when TV buying is, is an Insignia TV better than a Samsung TV?

Samsung is a better TV than Insignia. Samsung TVs come with faster processors, higher refresh rates, sharper images, and more features than Insignia TVs. Samsungs also tend to be more expensive than Insignia TVs. If your budget is tight, go for an Insignia TV. 

These two brands are not the only TV brands you will encounter when shopping online or going to your local electronics or department store. There are many popular TV brands available to choose from. It is important to know which brand offers what features. We have highlighted some of the other TV brands and have provided the key features for your convenience.

Insignia Vs. Samsung

The first set of TVs to compare is Insignia and Samsung TVs. These are two very popular brands on the market, and it is important to understand their differences before making your purchase. One brand is considered a high-end brand, while the other is considered a budget brand. The features are what truly set them apart.

FeaturesInsignia Fire TV Edition 4KSamsung NU6900
4K ResolutionYesYes
Voice ControlNoYes
Response TimeBetterWorse

Overall, Samsung comes out top when compared to Insignia. It has better features, a better picture, and a better color gamut. So if you want to best-looking picture, grab a Samsung. If you don’t care about the color, image, or look, an Insignia will work fine as a basic TV option.

Insignia Features: A Breakdown

Most Insignia TVs are equipped with the same basic modern features as mainstream smart TVs. This includes 

  • 4K capabilities 
  • WiFi access
  • Brightness control
  • Voice assistant functionality 

Despite the fact that these capabilities are not top-tier, they are comparable to their competitors at a budget price. They’re also good because they will last several years before needing to be replaced.

Insignias are also not known for their response time. This causes them to differ vastly from their competitors. This causes the imaging on the screen to come out less crisp, which can be a real downfall for TV enthusiasts. This also means they are less likely to be used as a computer monitor, as computers need top-quality response times and refresh rates.

Samsung Features: A Breakdown

Samsung’s typically come with all the bells and whistles you need in a TV. 

  • Voice assistant 
  • Smart search
  • App accessibility
  • 4K
  • Quality image 
  • Fast functionality 

They are considered luxury brand TVs and are top-tier. Their image is also comparable to other top-tier entertainment systems like Sony and Panasonic. 

Samsung’s response times are much better than Insignia’s. This means that a screen is refreshed more often to give a higher picture quality. This is ideal for gaming, whether on a console or a computer. This is also ideal for the best imaging with high-quality movies.

Hisense Vs. Sony

Hisense is a newer brand of TV that has hit the market. This TV is manufactured in China and boasts the same smart capabilities as high-end TVs but at a fraction of the price. Sony, on the other hand, is considered a luxury brand TV that boasts top-quality imaging, sharpness, and color contrast. Both brands offer great TVs, but their features differ slightly.

FeatureHisense H9FSony X900F
LED ScreenYesYes
4K ResolutionYesYes
Contrast6,006: 15,089: 1
Voice ControlYesYes
Response TimeBetterWorse

Surprisingly, these two brands are very comparable. Their overall image quality is almost identical. The biggest difference between the two TVs is their price. The Hisense H9F comes in at $599 for a 55-inch TV. The Sony X900F comes in at $1,469. Pick the TV that works best economically.

TCL Vs. Panasonic

TCL and Panasonic are another set of big-name brands on the market. TCL is considered a budget brand, while Panasonic is considered a luxury brand. These TVs also offer to differ in price as well as features. The TCL 40FS4610R and the Panasonic Viera VT50 are two TVs that are most often compared when TV shopping. 

FeatureTCL 40FS4610RPanasonic Viera VT50
LED ScreenYesNo
4K ResolutionYesYes
Refresh Rate120 Hz96 Hz
Voice ControlNoYes
Response TimeBetterWorse

Overall, the TCL comes in as the better TV option. It has a LED-backlit screen, 4K resolution, and a better refresh rate. This will provide users with an optimal viewing experience. Additionally, the pricing differs between both comparable TV options. The TCL is $500 for the 40-inch model. The Panasonic is $1,799.

Vizio Vs. Sharp

Vizio and Sharp TVs have been on the market for many years. In this circumstance, the Vizio TV is considered the budget brand, while the Sharp TV is considered a luxury brand. Both brands boast great video quality, smart features, and image clarity. They also have differences that set them apart from each other.

FeatureVizio D Series 4K 2016Sharp N7000U
LED ScreenYesYes
4K ResolutionYesYes
Contrast4,356: 13,991: 1
Voice ControlNoNo
Response TimeBetterWorse

Again, in this instance, the budget brand TV tends to perform better than the lower-end luxury brand TV. The Vizio TV costs $629.99 while the Sharp TV costs $692. 

Budget Vs. Luxury TVs

When selecting the right TV to fit your needs, it is most important to consider your budget. Your budget will determine the category of TVs you can look at and choose from. Most TVs that are on the market today come with ample Smart features and 4K capabilities. So unless you need a TV with extremely sharp imaging, opt for a budget option.