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Is Amazon Key Secure? What to Keep in Mind

Last Updated Dec 3, 2021
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Amazon Key has revolutionized the way that Amazon Prime members view delivery. With the goal of simplicity and safety in mind, Amazon has worked to establish a safe and efficient way for users to get their packages in a safe way. 

Amazon Key was designed to deter porch theft and lost packages while minimizing the risk to each user. While there are many fail-safes in the application and workflow design to keep users (and their assets!) safe, we look at Amazon Key with one question in mind: “Is it really safe?” 

In this article, we’ll be exploring the safety features and fail-safes of Amazon Key, and help you determine if Amazon Key is right for you. 

How Does The Amazon Key Function? 

The Amazon Key provides Amazon delivery derives the essential technology that they need to complete the delivery at your convenience. The Key functions are based on the Amazon Key Kit that provides the homeowner with a special integrative lock and myQ camera. 

This allows the motion and imagery to be captured with each delivery, once deliveries using this method are allowed by the user via the Amazon app. The Amazon Key service will not be used by Amazon drivers unless it is selected when you choose your delivery parameters and method on the site. 

It is important to note that currently, Amazon does not integrate with any home alarm systems. This means that if you utilize Amazon Key, you will need to disable the alarm in order to have the delivery be completed without triggering your alarm system. 

Users can connect their Amazon Key capabilities to their Amazon Alexa home device, which will allow you to easily consult Alexa to ensure that your door is locked, or to confirm with you if your delivery is complete. Amazon’s cloud technology allows these devices to communicate seamlessly and provide you with the best user experience possible. 

Creation Of The Amazon Key 

It is an unfortunate fact that thievery is on the rise – especially as the e-commerce industry has boomed and been steadily growing in popularity year over year. According to C + R Research, 43% of individuals in 2020 that were surveyed had had a package stolen from their porch in 2020. 61% knew someone that this had happened to – and a striking 43% of respondents had known that this had happened to a neighbor. 

With this much package delivery and safety left to chance, Amazon saw the window of opportunity for innovation and customer support – thus launching the Amazon Key. 

Does My Driver Get Unlock Codes To My Home?

Due to the design of the Amazon Key functionality, your driver will never have access to your keypad code or any other virtual codes to get into the home after the delivery is complete. The process for the delivery is complex and takes place in Amazon’s database. 

Amazon drivers have been given handheld Amazon Key scanners that allow them to access your door and have the two devices communicate to complete the delivery. 

Amazon’s database then:

  • Checks your account
  • Checks your order history
  • Associates that specific order with the address to minimize the margin for error.

This is a step up from normal delivery, as it reduces the risk of incorrect delivery location. Amazon then will turn on the camera to capture the delivery process. This is why Amazon requires Key users to have an Amazon Key compliant device. 

Is Amazon Key Considered Safe? 

When determining if Amazon Key is the right choice for you, it is important to note that safety is completely subjective. While some users may feel confident in Amazon’s authentication, cloud, and camera system, others may not feel comfortable with anyone entering their home or vehicle. 

Amazon has considered and mitigated many of the safety risks that may come to mind. Their drivers are meticulously vetted and background checked to ensure your safety and guarantee your peace of mind if you choose Amazon Key delivery. 

They have also eliminated the need for drivers to need sensitive information, such as passcodes and more for your door. This assures you that your door will only be accessible at the time of your delivery. 

Amazon has also created a transparent way for users to keep and store videos for review after the delivery, by incorporating the use of a myQ camera and Amazon Cloud Cam subscriptions for users to view videos up to 30 days past delivery over 10 devices. 

Amazon Key Is Shaping The Future Of Delivery 

Amazon Key has worked tirelessly to provide users with a safe and streamlined experience since its inception in 2017. You can determine if Amazon Key is the right choice for you by researching Amazon’s technology, policy, and procedures in place to prevent abuse of the service. 

These safety features include cloud cam technology, stored delivery recordings, multi-factor authentication, and a rigorous vetting process that all delivery drivers must pass for this type of delivery service. Visit to learn if the Amazon Key is right for you. 

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