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Is Amazon Key Delivery Safe? (How to Stay Secure)

Last Updated Oct 29, 2021
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A few years ago, Amazon introduced a new feature to receive packages inside your home, garage, or even car. This service, known as Key Delivery, makes receiving packages even easier and more secure than before. However, many users question whether this service is safe.

Amazon Key Delivery is quite safe; in fact, it was created by Amazon with the user’s safety at the forefront. Everything about the process from start to finish is done in a way that puts you, the customer, at ease and in control.

The service is quite simple to use, and Amazon makes sure your home and privacy are protected every step of the way. Read on to learn more about the many ways Amazon keeps the service safe to use, as well as what you can do to ensure safety.

How Amazon Ensures Key Delivery Safety

There are a few steps Amazon takes to ensure that the process of having a package delivered inside your home or garage remains secure:

Your Amazon Key Delivery Driver is Vetted

If you are already receiving Amazon packages to your home, you will be pleased to know that Amazon Key delivery drivers go through the same stringent checks that members of their main delivery fleet go through. This includes passing background checks and motor vehicle record inquiries that check for violations and traffic citations. Amazon will also be monitoring the driver for any new violations that may arise over time.

With that said, you can rest assured that the driver arriving at your house is verified and has been vetted and investigated by Amazon.

You Will Receive Delivery Updates to Your Smartphone

Amazon Key Delivery will send you updates at every stage of the process. Amazon will alert you when:

  • The delivery driver sets out for their delivery
  • You need to confirm if the right package is being delivered
  • You need to grant permission for the driver to make the delivery
  • The package has been dropped off safely in your home or garage

You can also pause the delivery at any point from anywhere in the world with your phone.

Your Key Delivery Driver Never Receives the Home Lock Code

One other important safety aspect to consider is that the Amazon Key delivery driver will never receive a code for your lock. According to Amazon’s Key Delivery information, when the driver is near your home, garage, or car, their secure cloud will signal your door lock, garage door opener, or car so it can unlock. They will not receive a code.

Once the driver delivers your package, they will be required to close your door; they will not be able to move on to the next delivery until the door is locked again.

As you can see, the method that Amazon has implemented has you and your safety at the forefront.

You Can Block Your Key Delivery at Any Time

Amazon’s Key Delivery system also allows you to block the delivery at any point in the process. This is quite beneficial for last-minute changes in plans or if you have some unexpected guests arrive. This can also be helpful for families with young infants who need quiet sleeping hours.

The service allows you to choose Key delivery only when it is the convenient option for you!

You Receive a Video “Receipt” of the Delivery

Amazon Key delivery also integrates with the Ring Doorbell system (as well as Cloud Cam). This allows Amazon to send you a recording of the entire delivery. This is sent to you as a recording, or you can even receive the footage in real-time while the delivery is happening.

With this feature, you will know exactly what happened for the duration of the entire delivery. 

How Homeowners Can Stay Secure with Amazon Key

While Amazon does a great job of making the Key Delivery service safe and secure, there are some additional items you can do on your end to be even safer, such as:

  • Use your garage for the delivery rather than your home. You will need the myQ Chamberlin Garage System.
  • Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you may be able to opt-in for Key Delivery right to your car!
  • Put away all of your valuables, sensitive documents, and prescription medications if you expect an in-home delivery.
  • Install home cameras to monitor the entire process. According to Amazon, a compatible camera can sync with the Amazon Key app, allowing you to watch deliveries as they happen in real-time. With that said, any Amazon-owned cameras—such as the Ring Indoor Cam or Ring Stick Up Cam—or the myQ Smart Garage Camera will do.
  • Choose standard delivery for packages of “low risk” or low monetary value. This way, a person will only enter your house/garage if the package is deemed “worthy” of the extra protection and imposition of your personal space.


Delivery services such as Amazon Key will continue to improve and become more readily available as time goes on. With in-home delivery, many people will have doubts about the safety of the entire process, but with Amazon’s Key Delivery, you can rest assured that the entire service was created with the customer’s safety in mind.

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