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Is ADT Compatible with Nest?

Last Updated Aug 10, 2021
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One of the reasons to have a smart home is to make your life more efficient. The ADT security services are one way to ensure your home is safe; Nest smart home devices help automate your home’s functions. If these two systems were compatible, you could combine them to make your smart home more efficient. But are they compatible?

ADT is no longer compatible with Nest. However, Google (who owns Nest) has partnered with ADT for the two companies to provide combined services in the future.

So, what does this partnership mean for the future of ADT and Nest products? In short, it means that your home security will benefit from your smart home devices and vice versa. There is a lot to look forward to and be excited about with the partnership.

When Will ADT Be Compatible with Nest?

While ADT may not be fully compatible with Nest right now, the two have plans for the future. According to The Verge, Google invested $450 million into ADT in 2020. They are targeting the third quarter of 2021 to start having ADT technicians install Nest cameras. The new partnership is being labeled as “ADT + Google.”

Nest Aware is also planning on integrating existing ADT technology into its service. Nest Aware is a service, with a monthly fee, that will record video from your Nest cameras when an event occurs. Once ADT is integrated, an event could be an ADT alarm.

ADT will also benefit from the impressive machine learning that the genius Google engineers have programmed. When the ADT system can learn from Google’s Nest devices, there will be fewer false alarms, you will have more ways to receive alarm notifications, and there will be enhancements to the way incidents are detected. Not to mention you could get everyday notifications, like when someone rings your doorbell or when a package is left at your doorstep.

So be patient, as these integrated benefits are on their way. And once they arrive, your ADT security system and Nest smart home devices will be even better than they already are.

How Does Nest Aware Work?

Nest Aware is an add on monthly subscription service for your Nest devices. There are two options when subscribing to Nest Aware.

  • The basic Nest Aware subscription keeps 30 days of video history for events that have been captured on your devices.
  • The Nest Aware Plus subscription keeps 60 days of video history and ten days of 24/7 video history.

The Nest Aware Plus subscription would be a better option if you really want to see what your pets, kids, babysitters, etc., are doing in your house when you’re not home. Otherwise, the Nest Aware basic subscription is probably sufficient. It really comes down to how much video history you want, and if you need 24-hour video, not just the event video.

One of Nest Aware’s other outstanding features is the ability for you to receive notifications for a wide variety of things that occur in or around your home. For example, Nest can learn the faces of people who frequently visit your home. So you could get a notification when your mother in law is approaching the house, giving you ample time to hide!  Nest can also learn the sound of your pet’s barks or meows, so it won’t unnecessarily notify you of loud noise.

Will Blue by ADT Still Be Available?

Yes, Blue by ADT is still available. The cameras that ADT provides under their Blue product line are still available if you prefer to use them instead of Nest cameras. There are a variety of cameras that are available if you choose to go with this option.

  • The Blue Doorbell Camera is excellent for video, two-way communication, and it also has night vision, which is a great feature.
  • They also have a Blue Indoor Camera, which is great to get a video of your house or apartment while you are away.
  • The Blue Wireless Outdoor Camera will give you an excellent HD view of your backyard so you can see who is stealing your lawn gnomes when you’re not outside.

While Blue by ADT is still available, it’s worth exploring whether it’s worthwhile for you to invest in these devices or to stick with the Nest cameras.

Should I Buy Blue by ADT Or Nest Cameras?

This question really depends on the needs and wants for your home. If you want a full home automation system, then Nest Cameras will integrate easily into other Nest home automation devices like thermostats, lighting, and more. If you’re only looking for cameras to monitor your home, then Blue by ADT is an adequate option.

However, as the partnership between the two companies evolves, the Blue by ADT cameras may become easier to combine with other Nest devices. We’re looking forward to the day that ADT and Nest become more compatible!

Curious about how ADT currently works on its own? Check out this article!

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