Is A Sharp TV Better Than A Hisense TV


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When looking for a suitable TV to buy for yourself or a family member, it is always important to look at all the TV’s features and options before you purchase a TV. Other things, like reliability and longevity, are also essential to look at before making that big purchase. When it comes to the Sharp TV and the Hisense TV, which one of these TVs is better?

When it comes down to it, the Sharp TV brand offers better quality and options at a slightly higher price than the Hisense TV. Sharp TVs use AQUOS technology to provide the best picture quality, Harman Kardon speakers to provide the best sound quality, and Android technology for the best smart TV experience.

Sharp has been around since the 1950s and has proven to be a great brand at a relatively affordable price. One thing to note is that Sharp TVs made between 2015 to 2018 were made by Hisense, as Sharp temporarily sold their licensing to Hisense for that time. But now that Sharp has the licensing back, how do their new TVs stack against other brands?

How Does a Sharp TV Compare Against Brands Like Samsung and Sony

While Sharp TVs have always been a great alternative to other pricey TV sets on the market, the new age of technology has changed the way people look at TVs before buying one. Brands like Sony and Samsung have been known as reliable TV set options but at a higher price point. So how does the Sharp TV compare to these two titans in the TV world?

Here is a table comparing Sharp TV models to larger-scale competitor brand TVs:

Options50” Sharp 50DL3KA UHD Android TV50” Sony  X80J UHD Google TV50” Samsung AU8000 Series UHD Smart TV
Bluetooth TechnologyYesYesYes
Refresh Rate60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz
HDMI Ports443
Works with AlexaUnknownYesYes
Resolution4K HD4K HD4K HD

With these other brands; it looks like Samsung has the best price with Sony coming in right behind them. If you need the extra HDMI port, Sony has a total of four HDMI ports. Let’s take a look first at the Samsung AU8000 Series and the pros and cons of this TV.

Samsung 50” AU8000 Series TV

In 1970, Samsung came out with its first-ever TV and hasn’t looked back since that time. Samsung has been a trusted name brand with consumers looking for a new TV over time and continues that legacy with its AU8000 series of TVs. 

So what are the pros and cons of the 50” version of its AU8000 series of TVs?


Here are some pros to the Samsung 50” TV:

  • Value pricing for TV size
  • Can be directly plugged into the internet with ethernet cord
  • Alexa built-in
  • Tap-to-View technology that works with Samsung Galaxy phones

If you would like to learn more about Sharp, check out this article.


Here are cons to the Samsung 50” TV:

  • Limited number of HDMI ports (three)
  • Unable to download apps from Google Play due to not being an Android TV
  • Subpar audio quality 
  • Picture quality isn’t as good as other 4K TVs

While the Samsung AU8000 Series works excellent for people that have other Samsung devices, it isn’t the best choice for people with multiple devices that use HDMI ports or for people looking for superior picture and audio quality from a TV. 

Next, let’s look at the Sony X80J TV and what pros and cons that TV has.

Sony 50” X80J TV

Sony has been making TVs since 1960, and they have a reputation for making TV sets that people can depend on for years to come. While Sony has been and still is a dependable TV, that dependability comes at a price. 

But with the pros and cons of the Sony X80J, will the pros outweigh any cons that could put a dent in the higher price that Sony has on their TVs?


Here are some pros to the Sony 50” TV:

  • Four HDMI ports for all your HDMI compatible devices
  • Android TV technology that allows for downloading of Google Play apps
  • Voice control of your Sony TV using Google Assistant
  • Works well with Sony PlayStation 4

Now, let’s take a look at the cons.


Here are some cons to the Sony 50” TV:

  • Short sleep timer of only 120 minutes
  • Doesn’t allow to automatically go to a selected input on startup
  • Software updates for the TV means downtime from being able to watch your TV
  • One of the more expensive TV brands on the market

The Sony 50: X80J has better upsides than downsides when you look at it. With the price tag and extras that come with the Sony 50” X80J, it looks like a better choice among the three TV choices.


While the Sony 50” X80J TV has its flaws, they aren’t as bad as some of the flaws on other TVs on the market. Hands down, the Sony 50” X80J gives the biggest bang for your dollar, combining reliability with technology to give a unique entertainment experience for the viewer.

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