Is a 13-inch Laptop too Small for Programming?


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Picking the right laptop for programming can seem daunting. Programming requires an efficient system that not all computers offer. Personal computers are expensive and cumbersome, so many aspiring coders look for other options that are cheaper and simpler to use. But is a 13 inch laptop too small for programming?

A 13 inch laptop is not too small for programming and actually offers many benefits over other sizes. Users report enjoying the portability of the size and they are standard for programming. However, if you use the laptop for anything else, you may want to invest in one that is bigger for more space.

Today’s technology means that the best systems are available even on smaller units. The RAM, or random- access memory, is available in the same amounts no matter the laptop. Processing abilities are typically the same as well. This means that a smaller laptop can perform at the same level as a larger one. Keep reading to find out about other benefits of using a 13 inch laptop for coding.

Benefits of Using a 13 Inch Laptop

The great thing about these laptops is that they have the ability to work as both a personal and professional computer. The portability of them is a great benefit as well. Many people also feel that 

The 13 inch laptop is considered the best size due to these factors:

  • Light weight
  • Power efficient
  • Long battery life
  • Has the same amount of RAM as larger laptops 

If you are serious about the game the best advice is to bring your own chalk or buy a portable one. There are many styles that come on a key ring, making transportation easy. 

Types of Laptops: Which One Is Best For You?

Whether you are planning on using your laptop for work, school, or programming make sure you invest in the right one for you. 

Laptops typically range from about $200 to $2,000, so there are many options that will fit most budgets. The cheapest laptop will work just fine for the average user, but if you are planning on programming or coding, some of the higher quality ones would be best. 

Here are some great 13 inch laptops that are highly reviewed:

  • HP ENVYThe HP envy is a great option for someone who wants the processing unit of an expensive computer without the price tag. One con is the plastic touchpad, which may turn off some programmers.
  • MacBook AirFor those that prefer to work with Apple products, the MacBook Air wins best overall. The battery life, slim measurements, and performance all add to the benefits of this laptop. 
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 NanoAlthough the ThinkPad is significantly more expensive than the previous two, it boasts the best battery life. Even with its high resolution, the battery will last a solid twelve hours. It is also lightweight and offers 16 GB of storage. 
  • HP Spectre x360 13If you like HP products but want something with more punch than the Envy, the Spectre is a great option. The 11th Gen Intel means that it will be lightning fast but also have the storage space for all the software that a programmer needs.  Bonus- it also has the ability to convert into a tablet.
  • Microsoft Laptop Surface 4For Windows 11 users the Microsoft Surface offers fast performance, a sturdy battery, and comes in several colors.

Now you have some great options when it comes to selecting the laptop for programming.

Programming Software That Works Best With a Laptop

There are so many types of programming software that you may be wondering if there are some that are optimized for laptops. Because the tools come in dozens of forms, it can be hard to narrow them down. 

Here we have compiled a list of tools and the platforms they work best on:

  • Eclipse, compatible with Mac and Windows- Eclipse is free to use and great for beginners. It also has an online community so that you can problem shoot with others. 
  • Geany, compatible with Mac and Windows- As a lightweight text editor, Geany offers all the basics for free. 
  • Brackets, compatible with Mac and Windows- Developed by the Adobe system, Brackets mostly focuses on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editing and is also free to use.

Knowing your options is the best way to jumpstart your programming career so use our list to pick the best ones for you.

Are 13 Inch Laptops Too Small For Programming?

The short answer is that, no, they are not too small for programming. For aspiring coders, the 13 inch laptop offers amazing versatility and efficiency, and is a relatively low cost option when compared to personal computers. Programmers should have no fear when using this size. Their portability and range make using them a great decision.

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