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Is 4GB RAM Better Than 8GB? Who It’s Best Suited For

Last Updated Sep 24, 2022

If you’re thinking of getting a new computer soon, you may be wondering about your computer’s RAM. Is 4GB of RAM better than 8GB? Who is best suited for computers with either amounts of RAM?

When it comes to RAM, 8GB is almost always better than 4GB RAM. The higher RAM you have, the faster your computer will be able to run. You may also find that you can’t load certain applications or games if your RAM is too low. 

Below, we’ll talk about why RAM is important and why 8GB RAM is often better than 4GB RAM. To prepare for buying a new computer, read on!

Which Is Better: 4GB RAM or 8GB?

RAM, also known as Random Access Memory, is your computer’s short-term memory. This lets your device store and access data quickly so your load time is reduced. Without RAM, you would have to wait for data to load from your hard drive, which takes significantly longer.

People who plan to use their device for gaming or who often work with multiple tabs open need high RAM for their computers to run smoothly. In this case, 8GB of RAM is better than 4GB.

If your device begins to lag or freeze, odds are you’ve exceeded your RAM and are relying on your hard drive to keep the device functioning. By getting a device with higher RAM, you can decrease the chances of this happening. 

While simply having a larger RAM doesn’t necessarily lengthen the lifespan of your computer, it can reduce problems that later contribute to your computer’s lifespan. With constant crashes and freezing, you run the risk of data loss, file corruption, and other damage to your device. Having a larger RAM can decrease the chance of these unfortunate circumstances occurring. 

Differences Between 4GB and 8GB RAM

Let’s go over the differences between 4GB of RAM and 8GB in more detail below.

Processing Speed

As previously mentioned, higher RAM means faster processing speed. If you have more RAM, this means your memory will be able to transfer information to other parts of your computer much more quickly. 

An 8GB RAM will be able to keep your computer running more efficiently than a 4GB RAM. 


You may be wondering why anyone would choose anything below 8GM RAM if it’s better in almost every way. The main reason? The cost.

8GB RAM costs significantly more than 4GB RAM since these computers are able to process data at faster rates. This is why gaming computers and laptops are typically more expensive than ordinary devices – they have higher RAM than most since they’re designed to play processing-heavy games. 4GB RAM devices are much more affordable upfront.

However, you may find that 4GB RAM ends up costing you more in the long run. Though these computers are more affordable at first, they may have performance issues down the line as you continue to put wear and tear on your computer. This can result in damages to your computer that can cost lots of money to have professionally fixed. 

Who Needs 4GB or 8GB RAM?

The choice between 4GB and 8GB RAM is really up to you. Before choosing a device, you need to seriously consider your needs and wants for the device. 

While some games say they can run on 4GB RAM, their optimal running rate is usually 8GB. This is also the case for many websites with high graphics. 


If you need a computer but have a tight budget, you don’t necessarily need 8GB RAM. A 4GB RAM is perfectly fine for those who use their computer for ordinary tasks such as checking emails, writing, browsing the web, and watching a few videos. As long as you don’t open too many tabs at once, you shouldn’t have any issues with 4GB RAM. 


If you plan to do more with your computer such as gaming, watching movies, or working from multiple tabs at once, you may want to invest in 8GB RAM for your device. This will keep your experience efficient and will result in less lag and freezing. Though it costs more upfront, it’ll save you a lot of frustration later on. 

Ultimately, you need to decide how important efficiency is to you in terms of your device. If you need an efficient computer for remote work or gaming, you’ll need 8GB RAM for sure. Those that move at a slower pace or use their computers less heavily may find that 4GB RAM is enough for them. Consider trying these devices out in person to decide which you like more.


The choice between 4GM RAM and 8GB RAM is a personal one. You have to consider the purpose of your device before choosing specific specs for it. 

If you plan to just do basic work with this computer, getting 4GB RAM can save you lots of money upfront. However, the investment of 8GB RAM is worth it if you plan to game or use the computer heavily.

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