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iPhones: Can You See Missed Calls from Blocked Numbers?

Last Updated Dec 20, 2022
missed calls on iphone

If you have a number blocked on your phone, there is no way that you can see if you missed a call from them. There is a way to see if you missed a call from them but you will have to unblock them.

Can You See Missed Calls from Blocked Numbers?

No, you can’t. The only way to see if you missed a call from a blocked number is by following several steps.

Go To Settings And Find “Phone”

First you will need to open up your settings. You will scroll down until you see the green icon for “Phone” and click on that.

Find “Blocked Contacts”

There will be a few different options under “Phone.” Find “Blocked Contacts” and open it up.

Click On The Contact To Unblock

A list of numbers, contacts, and emails will pop up. If they were a contact in your phone, they will still have the number under the name you saved them under, otherwise it will be a number or email.

Choose the number you want to unblock, and swipe to the left where the red “unblock” message will pop up. Complete the unblock process by swiping all the way to the left.

Open The Phone Application

Go back to your home screen and open up the Phone Application. Usually this is at the bottom of your screen unless you have moved the application elsewhere or changed your homescreen settings.

Check Your Missed Calls

Check your missed calls for the number you had blocked. You can see how many times they called you. If you still want this number blocked later on, you can always go back and block them again.


There really isn’t any other way to check for missed calls from blocked numbers besides this method and even this method isn’t always the simplest. Sometimes it’s best just to keep the number blocked.