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iPhone Touch Screen Stopped Working? 8 Troubleshooting Tips

Last Updated Dec 12, 2022
Broken iPhone screen on Hola welcome screen

While the iPhone is known for its robust touchscreen design and quality, it can stop working because of hardware problems or temporary software glitches.

Here are some reasons why the touchscreen on an iPhone may have stopped working:

  • Temporary Software Problems
  • An Issue With a Specific App
  • Wet Screen
  • Badly Designed Phone Case
  • A Faulty Power Outlet
  • Broken Screen

So, try these troubleshooting tips to see if they resolve the iPhone touch screen not working issue. Keep reading as we will be discussing reasons your iPhone touchscreen might stop working. 

Here is Why Your iPhone Touchscreen Stopped Working

Fortunately, unless the cause of your iPhone touchscreen not working is a fatal hardware issue that a technician can only fix, you can quickly fix this problem with some simple troubleshooting tips.

These are the primary reasons for your iPhone screen stopping working:

Temporary Software Problems

The screen of your iPhone can stop responding to touches because of software glitches picked up during regular use.

Fortunately, this is a minor issue, as you can easily fix it by restarting your iPhone.

An Issue With a Specific App

If your iPhone touchscreen works everywhere but stops working with one or a few specific apps, it is most likely because of problems with that particular app.

Wet Screen

iPhones are not entirely waterproof.

So, when your iPhone screen is wet because of body oils, sweat, or water, it can stop working correctly by taking random inputs.

Badly Designed iPhone Case

A poorly designed iPhone case can cling tightly and press the edges of your iPhone screen.

This can cause the entire or part of your iPhone screen to stop working.

A poor iPhone screen protector can also negatively affect the functionality of your iPhone screen.

A Faulty Power Outlet

Connecting your iPhone to faulty power outlets or using a poor-quality power cable can usually cause the screen to stop working.

For instance, the screen can appear erratic or shaky.

Besides, if you touch to input your passcode, it might open the Settings Center or something else.

Broken Screen

If you have ever dropped your iPhone on the ground, the odds are that the display screen is cracked.

This renders the digitizer to stop working and fail to process touch.

Now you know the major reasons why your iPhone touchscreen stopped working.

Going by these causes, you must have already figured out a few fixes to troubleshoot the issue. 

Troubleshooting Tips for an iPhone Touch Screen That Stopped Working

Thankfully, resolving the issue of an iPhone touchscreen refusing to work is usually easy.

The worst case scenario is that customer service will need to be called, and the screen replaced.

Here is a list of troubleshooting tips you should try to resolve the issue of the iPhone screen not responding to touch:

  • Uninstall the Problem App
  • Force Restart your iPhone
  • Properly Clean iPhone Screen
  • Use the Correct Charging Adapter
  • Remove iPhone Case and Screen Cover
  • Update your iOS System
  • Factory Reset Your iPhone
  • Contact Customer Support

Most of these steps are pretty simple, but regardless, here is a more in-depth look at each tip.

Uninstall the Problem App

If your iPhone’s touch screen stopped working while using a specific app, try uninstalling and reinstalling that particular app.

Alternatively, if you do not want to uninstall the problem app, you can clear its cache.

If the issue persists after trying this quick fix, move on to the next troubleshooting tip.

Force Restart Your iPhone

If your iPhone touch screen stopped working due to software problems, force restarting your iPhone is your best bet to resolve the issue.

For instance, restarting your iPhone will wipe out temporary glitches in its memory, thus restoring the unresponsive touch screen.

However, with the touch screen not working, you will need to do this by pressing some combination of volume and power buttons.

Properly Clean iPhone Screen

Dry cleaning your iPhone screen is another approach you should try to restore the unresponsive touch screen.

You only need to gently clean the iPhone screen using a soft, dry cloth or towel. Ensure oils, sweat, dirt, water, etc., are no longer on display.

Use the Correct Charging Adapter

If your iPhone touch screen is not working when connected to a third-party charging adapter, change the adapter and use the correct one.

If you are charging the iPhone via a power bank, unplug it and use a charging adapter.

You can also try plugging the charger into a different power outlet and see if it resolves the issue.

Remove iPhone Case and Screen Protector

Removing an ill-fitting or damaged screen protector can address the issue of the iPhone touchscreen not working.

You should also remove the iPhone case if it is touching the edge of the screen and exerts pressure on it.

Update Your iOS System

Because technological advancements of iPhones are recorded from time to time, you will need to ensure that the system is up-to-date.

So, updating the iOS system can fix some system issues that will resolve the problem of the iPhone touch screen not working.

Factory Reset Your iPhone

The second last resort is to factory reset your iPhone and erase all system data.

However, because this is a clear-everything option, ensure your iPhone data is backed on iCloud.

If, after trying all this, your iPhone touch screen does not work, contacting Apple support should be the last resort.

Contact Customer Support

If all the above troubleshooting tips do not work for you, you should contact Apple customer support or visit an Authorized Apple repair center for assistance and recommendations.


Hopefully this article helped you fix the problem of your iPhone touchscreen not working.

Replacing the iPhone touchscreen should be the last resort, as it is pretty expensive.

Therefore, it is recommended to follow all the above troubleshooting tips before attempting to replace the screen.