Infant Optics Says Out Of Signal- How To Fix

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The Infant Optics Baby Monitor is a mid-range priced video baby monitor. One of the best features of the Infant Optics Baby Monitor is that it doesn’t require an internet connection. The baby unit camera broadcasts its video signal via built-in WiFi. The parent unit display connects to this WiFi and displays the video, all without having an internet connection.

The direct video broadcast via Infant Optics’ non-internet connected WiFi network allows the baby monitor camera to not be hackable over the internet. The only way to hack a direct-to WiFi baby monitor is to be close by. One of the drawbacks to direct-to-WiFi is that it can make it more difficult to troubleshoot problems when your display says it is out of signal coverage.

How to Fix an Infant Optics Saying It Is Out of Signal Coverage

Several reasons you might get the message that your Infant Optics parent unit display is out of signal coverage. More than likely, you are just out of the effective operating range of the baby unit camera. It’s also possible that someone powered off the camera, you are experiencing interference, or you have too low of a charge on your batteries. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Check the Baby Unit Camera is powered on
  2. Make sure you are in the proper signal range
  3. Troubleshoot interference on the Infant Optics WiFi Network
  4. Charge your batteries
  5. Reset your devices

Attempting all of these repairs and troubleshooting fixes is a good practice for frequent maintenance on your Infant Optics Baby Monitor. Many of these troubleshooting solutions will help keep your video baby monitor operating at its best. Trying all of them, no matter your problem, will solve most of the issues you will ever have with your Infant Optics Baby Monitor.

Check That the Baby Unit Camera is Powered On

The baby unit camera has to be powered on for the parent unit display to receive a broadcast video from the camera. The baby unit is powered through an AC power adapter plugged into your home’s electric outlet so it doesn’t require batteries or charging. Ensure that your camera is plugged in and the power switch on your baby unit camera is turned on.

The power switch on the baby unit camera is denoted with a I for ON and a O for off. You want to make sure the switch is turned to I for ON.

Make Sure You Are in the Proper Signal Range

The signal range for Infant Optics Baby Monitors is around 700 feet. That is a little over two football fields in straight length. That is enough distance to cover the area of all but the absolute largest mansions and properties. 

To test if your parent unit display is in range, move it closer to the camera and see if the signal message goes away and the video reappears.

Note: the parent unit display has an antenna that needs to be upright for the best connection quality. 

If you are in a space where you would need more than 700 feet of coverage, unfortunately, you cannot extend the range.

Troubleshoot Interference on the Infant Optics WiFi Network

If where you normally monitor your baby is definitely within the 700-foot range, you might be suffering some unforeseen interference. The wireless network used by the Infant Optics Baby Monitor is a 2.4 GHz radio band network. The 2.4 GHz radio band is great for distance but lousy for interference. The signal can be interrupted by any number of obstacles.

Try to minimize any of the following interference generators between your baby unit camera and your parent unit display:

  • Large appliances like ovens or refrigerators
  • Thick concrete walls
  • Microwave ovens
  • Large electronics like televisions or stereos
  • Large metal structures or panels

Any of these obstacles can interfere with your Infant Optics Baby Monitor. If possible, try installing the camera higher so that the signal reaches over anything that might be causing interference.

Charge Your Batteries

An AC power adapter powers the baby unit camera, but the parent unit display is powered by a rechargeable Ni-MH battery. The Infant Optics Baby Monitor comes with a charging cable and can operate with the cable plugged in. However, if the battery is completely dead and the display unit is not plugged in, you get a no signal message if the batteries are low.

Charge your batteries for 3 to 5 hours to ensure they get a decent charge. Then test to see if your parent unit display is still saying it is out of signal coverage.

Reset Your Devices

If all of these solutions fail to fix your problem, a simple reset of the devices might be in order. 

To reset your Infant Optics Baby Monitor, you must pull the power from the camera and wait 15 seconds, then plug the power back in. The baby unit camera should now be reset.

To reset the parent unit display hold down the power button on top of the unit for 15 seconds. The parent unit display should power off. Then, push the power button to turn the parent unit back on. The parent unit display should now be reset.


The Infant Optics Baby Monitor is a great video baby monitor for security-conscious people that don’t want their baby monitor attached to the internet. With a 700-foot range, most people will not have any signal coverage problems. But if you do, one of these solutions is bound to fix it.

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