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Infant Optics Night Vision Not Working – Troubleshooting

Last Updated Jul 11, 2022
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When you first purchase your Infant Optics baby monitor, you may experience errors you simply cannot solve alone. One of the most common problems with these devices is when the important night vision feature stops working. What may be causing this, and how can you fix it?

There are a few things that can prevent the Infant Optics night vision feature from working. The main causes include bad camera batteries and power adapters, as well as a low power supply. Luckily, there are easy ways to rectify problems like these.

You can take a few troubleshooting measures to fix your Infant Optics night vision feature. Sometimes, the most basic thing will be the solution you have been searching for! Keep reading to understand why your Infant Optic’s night vision feature may be compromised.

Reasons Why Your Infant Optics Night Vision May Not Be Working

Night vision is an important feature on any baby monitor. You may panic when this feature stops working and you cannot see your infant’s crib in a dark room. Some of the causes of this problem include:

  • Battery issues
  • A bad charger
  • Poor power supply
  • Incorrect monitor settings

Each of these can be properly addressed, as long as you take the right steps.

Troubleshooting Measures for Infant Optics Night Vision

Whatever the reason your baby monitor’s night vision feature has stopped working, some troubleshooting measures may solve it. These include:

  • Referring to your user manual
  • Checking the battery
  • Checking the power supply
  • Avoiding third-party gadgets
  • Changing the light bulb
  • Turning the lights on and back off

Below, we will discuss each of these measures in more detail.

Refer to Your User Manual

It might be a textbook move, but you must leave no stone unturned when it comes to your baby’s safety at night. Before trying anything else, check the user manual that came with your baby monitor to find out how to revert the settings to default mode and kick-start night vision.

Check the Batteries

As standard procedure, you should charge the battery of your Infant Optics baby monitor no less than 5 hours before the first use. From then on, charge the device for as long as 6-7 hours to ensure proper functioning.

If the night vision is not functioning, try removing the battery and placing it back in after 5-10 minutes. Ensure they are still good (not bloated or watery) and placed correctly. If this does not work, you can try using a new lithium-ion rechargeable battery specifically made for Infant Optics. Once fully charged, these can power your camera for as long as 10 hours.

Adjust the Power Supply

An unstable power source is one major contributing factor to the failure of your Infant Optics night vision. Be it through an outlet or power adapter, if the power reaching your baby monitor is distorted, it can affect the night vision feature. Check for sparks as you plug the device in, or remove the adapter from the wall and check its voltage to see if it’s low. If so, have it fixed or changed to avoid further damage.

Say No to Third-Party Gadgets

If you use other non-Infant Optics devices with your baby monitor, this could be the reason you’re your night vision feature is not working properly. Infant Optics baby monitors come with batteries, chargers, battery packs, power adapters, and other gadgets made especially for their products.

Anything unrelated to the brand should not be used with these monitors. This is because foreign instruments are not compatible with Infant Optics and may damage your monitor in the long run.

Change the Lightbulb

Sometimes, the issue isn’t that the night vision is not working. Instead, the LED light it emits may not be strong enough to produce light on the screen, so all you see is a dark room at night.

If this is the case, you can get an infrared light bulb, preferably LIFX+, which illuminates the room and enhances night vision. The light it emits is invisible to the naked eye, but very perceptible to your baby monitor’s camera.

Spark It Back to Life with Light

The night vision LED kicks in when ambient light in the camera’s field of vision is low. If your night vision feature isn’t working, try switching the room’s overhead light on to disengage night vision mode. Wait about five minutes, then switch the light off to see if night vision activates.

Contact Customer Service

In rare cases, none of the above tips will be enough to fix the monitor’s night vision feature. If nothing else proves fruitful, it’s time to send an email to the Infant Optics care center.

The Verdict

Not being able to see your baby’s crib in a dark room is frustrating at best and terrifying at worst. Luckily, with these easy troubleshooting tips, you have a good chance of fixing the problem within a few minutes from the confines of your home.

Instead of reading that warranty policy again, you might as well try the solutions listed above and see if anything works. However, if none of these prove helpful, visit the Infant Optics site and send an email to customer care.