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Hulu Keeps Shutting Off? 7 Fixes to Try

Last Updated Mar 10, 2022

As many people still try to social distance themselves, movie theaters are still not an option. Streaming services, like Hulu, to watch alone or with family end up being a great replacement, but when they randomly turn off, it ruins movie night. 

There are several ways to try to fix the problem. Below, there are different things to try when your Hulu app keeps shutting off so you can get back to the popcorn. 

Restart the Application and the Device

Hulu supports your device and browser, but Hulu still shuts off. The next step is to try turning Hulu off and on again.

Turning things off and on again is always a safe test to see if something needs a reboot and clear some junk in its memory. Remember to completely turn off the application and stop it from running in the background before opening it again. 

If turning the application off and on does not seem to resolve your issue, try:

  1. Turning off the device or browser playing Hulu, such as your TV, phone, tablet, or Chrome. 
  2. Try to give at least 30 seconds to 1 minute before rebooting the device or browser. 
  3. If you are playing Hulu from a physical device, like a TV, you can also try holding down the power button to discharge it while it is still off. 

Now, let’s take a look at the next solution.

Log Out and Log Back in

Sometimes streaming services need a reconnection to the device, which can be solved by logging out of the application and logging back in. This can happen especially if you have changed your password or if someone suspicious or from a suspicious location has logged into your account. 

Here are some ways that logging out and back in can help when Hulu keeps shutting off:

  • From in the app: You can log out sometimes directly from inside the application or “deactivate a device” directly from your account page instead of locally on a device. Remember to reactivate the device and/or log back into your application. 
  • From different devices: You can also try logging out of all of your devices and browsers to test if you were logged into too many locations. Hulu does limit how many devices you can log into on one account which may contribute to why Hulu keeps shutting off. 

After you log back into your application, you may want to restart your device just to make sure that everything has been settled before you test if Hulu is going to keep on shutting off. 

Check the Browser or Device

This is a good time to double-check the approved browser or device you are streaming on for a wrong setting or add-ons. Some browser add-ons will prevent Hulu from streaming, which can be as simple as an ad-blocker. Try streaming from another browser or a private window with no add-ons to see if that potentially stops Hulu from shutting off. 

Check also if your device may be contributing to the issue: 

  1. If you normally stream on your smart TV, try streaming from a browser and see if you are running into the same issue. 
  2. If streaming Hulu on your browser (or a different device) does not lend to the same issue, you may need to reach out to your device’s customer support to see if they have encountered this issue before. 
  3. You can also check if you have enabled Javascript and cookies on your browser or location services to see if that resolves your issue. 

Now, let’s see the next solution.

Boost Your Internet Connection

If you do meet the requirements for Mbps, then the issue might be attributed to the strength and consistency of the connection.

Here is a fix:

  • Try moving your device closer to the router and modem or run an ethernet cable directly from your router and modem to your device if possible. 
  • You can also try turning off devices that require a strong connection, like a computer that is trying to run Skype or stream in 4k. Devices that require a lot of bandwidth or a strong, powerful connection can sometimes take away from your device trying to stream. 

This will increase the strength of your connection which may help prevent Hulu from shutting off constantly.

Restart the Router and Modem

Restarting your modem and router can help with connection issues that Hulu might have. This will not work if you are using your cellular network to stream on your device since it is not relying on your router for the connection. 

If you are using your router for connection, then make sure to power off your device that is being used to stream and turn off and unplug your router. You can also unplug the device streaming Hulu if applicable just in case. 

After letting the router, modem, and device sit for about three minutes, plug everything back in and turn them all back on again.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Application

If clearing your device’s cache did not work, let’s try uninstalling and reinstalling Hulu on your device. 

Not only does uninstalling and reinstalling Hulu solve some issues, but it can make sure that you are running the most updated version to prevent future issues from appearing and interrupting your movie nights. 

If you need help on uninstalling Hulu on your particular device, you can find help here

Factory Reset Your Device or Browser

Factory resets are the last resort for most troubleshooting problems. If nothing else worked, you want to head to your device settings and select “restore to factory defaults,” which means that the settings and information on the device will be wiped and returned as if you just opened up the device from the package. 

After you re-setup your devices or browsers and reinstall Hulu (if applicable), try to see if Hulu is now streaming smoothly.


Hopefully some of these solutions helped your Hulu streaming service start working again. If not, check out Hulu support here for more help.

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