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HP Deskjet – Unable to Communicate with Printer – Troubleshooting

Last Updated May 24, 2022
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The HP Deskjet always comes in handy when you need to print a document. Whether the document is personal or professional, it’s stressful when your printer doesn’t work correctly. Luckily, there is a chance you can fix your printer problems without buying a new one. So, how do you troubleshoot your HP Deskjet when you see the unable to communicate with printer notification?

To troubleshoot your HP Deskjet’s Unable to Communicate with Printer error, you must unplug the printer, wait a few minutes, and plug the printer back in. This method is the main troubleshooting option to solve your HP Deskjet’s connection problem.

Fixing problems with your HP Deskjet at home will save you time and money. Going through your troubleshooting options at home will also enable you to print your documents in time if you have a deadline. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about troubleshooting your HP Deskjet when the unable to communicate with printer notification appears.

The Primary Troubleshooting Method for your HP Deskjet

While you can use a few different troubleshooting methods to fix your HP Deskjet’s inability to connect with printer error, the first method you should try is to disconnect the power supply. It would be best to disconnect the power supply correctly to ensure you do not cause your HP Deskjet additional errors. The steps to properly disconnect your HP Deskjet’s power supply are below.

  1. Ensure your HP Deskjet is on before disconnection. Please do not turn it off before you disconnect.
  2. Remove the power cable from the back of the HP Deskjet.
  3. Disconnect that same power from the wall also. The power cable needs to be unplugged from everything.
  4. Leave the HP Deskjet alone for a minimum of 3 minutes.
  5. With the HP Deskjet remaining unplugged, hold down the power button for 30 seconds. This action will ensure that all of the charges are entirely gone.
  6. Plug the power cable back into the HP Deskjet and the wall outlet.
  7. Turn your HP Deskjet back on.
  8. Allow the HP Deskjet a few minutes to fully start and enter idle mode.

Disconnecting the power supply is the first troubleshooting method you should take because it is quick, and it fixes most printer connection issues when it comes to the HP Deskjet. However, if this primary troubleshooting method does not resolve your connection issues, there are a few other methods to try. It is vital to exercise all the troubleshooting methods before you give up on your HP Deskjet if you want to save yourself time and money.

 Clear Your HP Deskjet’s Queue

One thing that could cause your HP Deskjet to have connection issues is a full printer queue. This problem occurs when you attempt to print too many documents at once or interrupt a previous print job. The steps below will help you clear your print queue and solve your connection problems.

  1. Check your printer spooler for partially printed documents.
  2. Check your printer for a paper jam and clear any trapped debris.
  3. Install the scan doctor from HP’s website if the HP Deskjet won’t connect after clearing paper jams and unfinished documents.
  4. Run the scan doctor to see if it detects any issues with your HP Deskjet.
  5. Once your HP Deskjet’s queue s clear, restart the printer and attempt to connect again.

Your HP Deskjet will have difficulty completing simple tasks if your printer queue is full. Even tasks as simple as a connection to a device won’t be possible with an overcrowded printer queue. To avoid connection issues with your HP Deskjet in the future, ensure your printer queue is clear and there is no paper jammed in your HP Deskjet.

Other HP Deskjet Connection Remedies

Why your printer won’t connect to a device can mean many different problems. First, the connection problems may stem from the device you are trying to connect to your HP Deskjet instead of the printer. The following are ways you can check and resolve connection issues that stem from other devices.

  1. Power down the device you are trying to connect to your HP Deskjet.
  2. Allow the device to rest turned off for 2 minutes.
  3. Turn the device back on and ensure your settings are correct.
  4. Check if your device has difficulty connecting to other devices besides the HP Deskjet.

Before moving forward, it is essential to deduce if the connection problems are in your device or your HP Deskjet. Otherwise, you may perform repairs on the incorrect device and won’t resolve your connection problems.

Final Thoughts on HP Deskjet Connection Issues

Keeping your HP Deskjet’s printer queue clear is essential to ensure the device runs properly. A full queue, jammed paper, or failed print jobs can cause your HP Deskjet connection problems. The steps to resolve your HP Deskjet’s inability to connect to a device are simple and take less than ten minutes.

Troubleshooting at home can save you the time and money it costs to take your HP Deskjet to a repair shop or shop for a new one. However, if issues persist after you follow the troubleshooting methods above, you should contact HP’s customer service for advice.

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