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How to Zoom In on a Google Nest Camera

Last Updated Nov 17, 2021
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There are many things happening in the world today.  Unfortunately, not all of them are good.  This is why safety is a top priority for so many people.  Feeling and being safe is essential to having a healthy and satisfying life.  Due to these reasons, it is almost essential to have some sort of security system with a zoom feature at your place of residence or office.

There’s a way to keep your family safe without having to hire 24-hour security guards or pay for expensive services!  Introducing the Google Nest Camera.  It is equipped with easy-to-use security features that help you achieve your goal of ultimate safety.

This security camera with zoom-in features allows you to stay zoomed into the activity that goes on around you while you’re home or away from home.  You never have to worry about what the babysitter did while you were gone!

Google Nest Security Features

The Google Nest has security features that make owning your camera easy and convenient.  One of them is the green light feature.  This feature will give you peace of mind by letting you know when your camera is on or off.

When the green light is on the camera is on and is sending footage to Google.  When it is off it isn’t sending footage.  With this native feature, you never have to worry about wasting recording space or recording during unnecessary times.

If by accident the camera is recording when it shouldn’t be the green light will be a great tool in letting you know so that you can immediately shut it off or on in case of an emergency.

Another great feature is the ability to access and review your camera’s footage 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  This is possible with the Nest Aware subscription.  You can do this by logging into your Google Account and accessing the footage from there.  There are many other security features, these are just a few.

How Do I Zoom In and Out on My Camera?

If you need to get a close-up of the stranger who just broke into your car or of your neighbor’s loose dog, now you can. The zoom feature, which is accessible through the Nest or Home App, lets you zoom in or out without altering the original camera footage. Both of these Apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android’s Play Store.

The zoom feature can be found by:

  • Logging into either app
  • Selecting your device name from the list of devices
  • Next, select the camera’s live or history view
  • After that, you’re ready to zoom in or out.
  • Lastly, zooming in or out on your camera is as simple as pinching your fingers together.

Pinch your fingers together to zoom in and do the opposite to zoom out, it’s that simple. If you’d like to learn more about the Nest cam, check out this article.

Why is My Google Nest Camera Zoomed In?

The Enhance feature is another awesome feature of the camera. When the Enhance feature is turned on it keeps your camera zoomed in at all times. This is good if you need a close-up and want to zoom in on a baby’s crib or watch your favorite flower patch bloom.

If the Enhance feature is turned off the camera will no longer be in constant zoom mode. This feature can also be controlled through the Nest App.  To turn the Enhance feature on, tap the plus sign on your camera screen.  If the plus sign is not there you can tap the screen once to bring it up.  Simply tap the minus sign to turn the Enhance feature back off.

How Do I Adjust the Zoom on My Camera?

Adjusting the zoom is as simple as a double-tap.  One double-tap will let you zoom in once, another double-tap will let you zoom in a second time.  The last zoom feature is the pan.  You can drag one finger across the screen to pan different parts of the scene.

The pan feature is great to use when you want to pause your footage and take a look around at different parts of a single scene.

How Do I Adjust My Nest’s Doorbell Camera?

Settings are where the heart of the camera is.  In the settings section of the Home or Nest App, you are able to control different camera features.  Adjusting the video quality, turning night vision on or off, and controlling whether the microphone is on can all be done from settings.

Programming events, changing the doorbell theme, and deleting old video history can also be done from the settings panel.


Owning a Google Nest Camera not only gives you peace of mind but it also brings back control to your life.  With state-of-the-art features that you can control from the palm of your hand, the Google Nest camera gives you the security that you finally need at a price you can afford.

Now you can spend less time worrying about the safety of your office or residence and spend more time enjoying your life.

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