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How To Watch Viki On Chromecast In 6 Easy Steps

Last Updated Sep 21, 2022
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Viki is a great way to watch all the latest K-dramas that everyone is talking about. Viki also offers exclusive K-dramas through their app, which can be streamed through Chromecast, but how is that done?

Viki users can use Chromecast to stream their favorite shows through a web browser, iOS, or Android device. This is typically done through a smart app or on a computer. It can also be accomplished through a smart TV. 

If you have not used Chromecast to watch Viki before, continue reading this article. We will break down how to watch Viki on each device in six easy steps. 

How to Watch Viki on Chromecast Online

The first way to watch Viki on Chromecast is by streaming it online through a web browser. You also don’t need to worry about how many devices you have connected to your Viki account.

Browsers such as Google Chrome, Edge, and Mozilla Firefox are the best options when you choose this method to watch Viki on Chromecast.

We have highlighted the steps you need to take to begging your streaming session below.

Connect to WiFi

The first step to streaming Viki with Chromecast is connecting to stable WiFi. 

Remember that the Chromecast device and laptop or computer you are using must be connected to the same WiFi connection to work

If they are on two different networks, you will not be able to stream via Chromecast.

Create an Account or Login

Next, you must go onto the Viki website and create an account if you have not done so already. 

If you are already a Viki member, you need to go online and log in to your Viki account in the browser you intend to use while utilizing Chromecast. 

Navigate to their website and click the sign-in button at the top right of the page.

Select a Show

Now that you are signed in, it is time to browse and find the perfect show to watch. Hundreds of options and a genre will fit anyone’s preference.  

Once you have selected a show, press watch or play.

Enter Casting Mode

When the playback screen appears, look at the bottom right. 

There is a square image with three nested lines that look similar to a WiFi signal on its side. Click this button to begin the Chromecast process.

Respond to the Pop-Up

Now there will be a pop-up menu that appears on the screen. It will welcome you to the cast experience and ask if you would like to enable casting to cloud-based services. 

Click the box to allow this and press “Ok, Got it.”

Choose A Casting Device

Once the pop-up menu has disappeared, it is time to select the device that you want to cast on. You can choose a smart TV, smartphone, or tablet. 

Look for the device’s name and click it. It will take a moment, but the casting will begin shortly after.

Watch Viki With Chromecast On iOS

Another way to enjoy Viki with Chromecast is on an iOS device. Casting with an iOS device is simple and rewarding, whether an iPhone or an iPad. 

Join the WiFi Network

To cast through Chromecast, you must ensure your iOS device has a good internet connection. 

This can be established through the network settings tab under general settings on an iPhone or iPad. Then find your home or local network, tap it, and enter the secure password. 

The connection will be established, and you will be one step closer to watching shows on Viki.

Download the Google Home App

If you are using the Google Home App to cast to a device, then you need to have the Google Home App downloaded on the same device that will be doing the casting. 

This can be done by going to the Apple Store and finding and downloading the app.

Download Viki and Create an Account

If you have not already done so, go to the Apple Store and download the Viki app. Once you do this, you will be prompted to log in or sign up for the service. 

Select whichever option applies to you and follow the on-screen instructions.

When setting up an account or linking an account, ensure that the Viki Pass subscription is linked to the right account. This will ensure you access all your favorite shows and avoid missing out.

Pick a Show and Begin to Cast

Browse the many different shows available on the app. Once you make a selection, act as if you were going to view the show. 

Once the video player appears, click on the bottom right-hand square, the WiFi-looking icon on top of it, and click it.

Pick A Device To Cast To

Once you begin the casting process, the app will ask you which device you’d like to cast to. A menu will appear, and you can scroll through it until you find your device. 

Tap the device you want to cast with to select it.

A Blue Icon

When the icon on the app turns blue, it means that the device has been connected and has begun casting. 

Enjoy the Show

Casting will now begin, and you can enjoy it from anywhere, anytime. 

Watch Viki With Chromecast on Android

Another way to enjoy Viki with Chromecast is on an Android device. Many different Android products are available in the form of a tablet or smartphone. 

Internet Connection

Casting through Chromecast requires a good internet connection on your Android device. Android tablets and smartphones have a network settings tab under general settings.

Select your home or local network to access this section, tap it, and enter the secure password. As soon as the connection is established, you can watch Viki shows.

Install the Google Home App

Casting to a device with the Google Home App requires that the Google Home App be installed on the same device that will be doing the casting. 

You can find and download the app from the Google Play Store.

Install Viki and Create an Account

Go to the Google Play Store and download the Viki app if you haven’t already. Upon doing so, you will be prompted to log in or register. 

Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting the option that applies to you.

Ensure that the Viki Pass subscription is linked to the correct account when setting up an account or linking an account. 

Start Casting Your Show

Once you have selected the show, act as though you are viewing it. Click on the WiFi icon on the bottom right-hand side of the video player.

Choose a Device for Casting

During the casting process, the app will ask you which device you wish to cast to. 

There will be a menu that you can scroll through until you find the device you are looking for. Select the device you wish to cast with by tapping it.

The Blue Icon

The app icon turns blue upon connecting, indicating that casting has begun. You should be able to watch the K-drama unfold on your big screen if you choose to cast it on your TV.

Relax and Enjoy

The casting will now begin, and you can watch it from anywhere at any time. 

Viki And Chromecast: A Solid Pairing

Viki and Chromecast work seamlessly together to provide users with a pleasant streaming experience. Users can no longer watch K-dramas on their phones through an app. Instead, they can use their smart TVs and similar screens to enjoy the show in style.

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