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How to Watch Kocowa on Google TV (Android)

Last Updated Sep 2, 2022
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As an avid fan of Korean pop culture, you’re eager to watch your favorite Korean dramas and other content on your Google TV. Kocowa is generally regarded as the best way to stream this type of content, but how can you download the app on your Google TV?

  • Download the Kocowa+ app on your smartphone
  • Subscribe to a Kocowa plan
  • Download Kocowa on your Google TV
  • Sign into your account

Below, we will discuss how you can enjoy the best Korean entertainment through your Google TV with Kocowa. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

How to Watch Kocowa on Google TV

The Kocowa+ app, which allows you to stream a plethora of Korean entertainment, is available on the Google Play Store. This makes it easy to stream with the app on your Google TV.

Below, we will highlight the step-by-step procedure required to watch Kocowa on your Google TV. After completing each step successfully, you can bring Kocowa to your flat-screen TV and begin the Korean experience for you and your family!

Download the Kocowa+ App on Your Smartphone

With your Android or iPhone, download the Kocowa+ app. This will make signing into your account on your Google or Android TV easier.

Just visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for Kocowa. If you do not have the app installed already, download the latest version. If you already have the app on your phone, update it to the latest version. Then, launch it on your phone before proceeding to the next step.

Subscribe to a Kocowa Plan

After opening the app, you must create a Kocowa app if you do not already have one. If you do already have an account, choose “Sign In” instead.

Kocowa offers new subscribers a 14-day free trial period. This allows you to test out the app and browse the entire content library free of charge for a limited time.

After that, you can subscribe to your preferred package and enjoy its accompanying streaming benefits monthly or yearly, depending on your subscription plan. Here’s how to go about this process:

  • Go to the home screen after logging in to your account.
  • Click “Account” on the far right of the bottom panel.
  • Select “My Info.”
  • Click “Plan.”
  • Choose from the outlined subscription packages.

The benefits of each plan will be highlighted on-screen. Choose the best plan for you and complete your first payment before moving on.

Download Kocowa on Your Google TV

Once you have signed up for a paid Kocowa account, you can download the app from the Google Play Store on your Google or Android TV. Just follow these steps to do so:

  • Open your TV’s home screen using the remote control.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for “Kocowa.”
  • Select “Kocowa TV” from the search results.
  • Click the “Install” or “Get” button to download the app.

After downloading the app, find it in your list of applications and launch it on your TV. If you have any trouble doing this, check your network connection and reconnect to your WiFi network if necessary.

Sign Into Your Account

When you open the Kocowa app, select “Sign In” and enter your email and password. After signing into your paid account, you can browse through all the cool shows available on Kocowa through your Google TV.

Note that your access to the full content library will only last as long as you have a paid subscription plan. To stream uninterruptedly, make sure to allow automatic renewal using the payment method on file.

Troubleshooting Issues with Kocowa on Google TV

After successfully signing into your Kocowa account, you should be able to play Korean movies, series, and variety shows on your Google or Android TV. If you experience frequent buffering or other app-related issues, you may need to attempt some troubleshooting techniques.

If your shows take too long to load or are frequently buffering, try reconnecting the TV to your home WiFi network or restarting your router. Network connection problems are one major factor responsible for stalled app installation and reduced app functionality.

Unplug your router from the power outlet, then plug it back in after a minute or two to restart it. Then, reconnect your TV to your WiFi network.

If you encounter more problems while watching Kocowa on your Google or Android TV, visit the Kocowa website for more troubleshooting tips or contact customer support for advanced technical assistance.

In Conclusion

The Korean entertainment industry continues to grow in popularity across the globe. For this reason, Korean dramas and other shows are always in high demand.

If you have a Google or Android TV, you’ll be happy to hear that Kocowa is available for download in Google’s Channel Store. You can install the app and sign up for a subscription plan to begin streaming their content library in your living room.