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How To Watch Disney Plus Hotstar In The US In 8 Steps

Last Updated Sep 2, 2022
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Disney Plus Hotstar is a great streaming app from India that allows people of all ages to enjoy the newest and some of the oldest Disney content available. So, how can you watch Disney Plus Hotstar in the US?

To watch Disney Plus Hotstar in the US, download a VPN service. Create an account and turn it on to a server in India. Go to Google and type in Hotstar’s website. Create an account, log in, and start streaming.

This Disney Plus subscription add-on is extremely popular in India, gaining attention all over the world. If you haven’t figured out how to watch it in the US yet, keep reading to learn how to watch Disney Plus Hotstar in the US below.

Choose a VPN

The first thing you need to do is look into a VPN to purchase or download for free. 

Since Disney Plus Hotstar is only available in India, you will need a VPN to allow you to mask your IP address from an internet search, so it will appear that you are in India to gain access to Disney Plus Hotstar. 

Whether you are familiar with a good VPN or not, you can easily go online and do a Google search for one if you are unsure about one. 

As far as free and paid VPNs are concerned, there are many options to choose from. The following is a list of the top free and paid options you can choose now.

VPN NameCost
ExpressVPN12.95 per month
Surfshark12.95 per month
NordVPN11.99 per month
VPN Proxy MasterFree – Only Available on Mobile Devices

It would be great to use any of these VPN options in this situation, as they are all great options. In addition, all of them offer VPN connections that are based in India, which is what you need to be able to use Hotstar through Disney Plus.

Download the VPN

Once you have selected a VPN you feel comfortable using, it is time to download it onto your computer or smartphone. 

Most VPNs come with a computer and mobile client for convenience and safety. 

Downloads typically take anywhere from five to ten minutes. 

Once the download is successful, you will be prompted to finish the installation instructions as they become available through pop-up windows on your computer screen.

If you’ve got a Samsung TV, you can directly set up the VPN on it.

Create an Account

After installing the new VPN software, you need to go back to the website you bought from and make an account. 

You typically need to enter your name, a good email address, and credit card information so that the subscription can process monthly or annually, depending on your original selection.

You will also be asked to create a username and a password. Ensure that you use a unique username and secure password. 

This will further protect your computer and internet network from future bad actors, malware, and hackers.

Open the VPN

Once an account is created and the VPN is downloaded, it is time to go in and open it up. 

Launch it from your computer and log in with your new user credentials. Alternatively, open the app on your mobile device and enter your validated login information. 

Select an Indian Server

Once you have logged into the VPN program, you need to go in and find a server in India. 

Select any one that comes up that is based in this country. Accept it, and press the word to connect when prompted. 

This will mask your wireless IP address and make it appear as if you are browsing the internet from India.

Visit The Hotstar Website

Now that you are connected to the VPN in India, it is time to go online and conduct a Google search. 

Pull up Google, and enter “Disney Plus Hotstar” in the search bar. The website will pop up, and you can select it.

Ensure that the Hotstar website you connect to is partnered with Disney Plus and is not a fake site before continuing.

Create An Account

Once you go onto Hotstar; it is time to create an account. 

Click the log-in button at the top right corner. When the next screen appears, simply choose to sign up. 

Then, enter your name, email, and other relevant information. Select a subscription plan and verify the account via your email. The subscription is R 399, or about $24.00 per year. 

Sign In And Enjoy

After you have selected your subscription, you can go back and log in to your new account. Go in and browse all the best entertainment options popular in India today. 

There are great new shows and movies just waiting to be discovered.

Hotstar: A New Subscription Service

Hotstar is a great alternative to your typical subscription services. It has a lot of new content from a different country, which can provide you with a different perspective and more entertainment. Once you have it downloaded, sit back, browse, and enjoy the new shows.

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