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How To Use YouTube App On Roku Smart TV? Easy Steps

Last Updated Mar 24, 2022
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Smart TVs may seem like a complicated piece of technology, but how to use them is fairly simple once you figure it out. This includes all the applications that you must navigate, which are often already downloaded on your other smart devices.

YouTube is one of those popular apps you will find on any device. If you can figure out how to use it on a Roku Smart TV, you will be able to navigate the application on other devices as well. It will take you a matter of minutes to master the ins and outs of YouTube.

How To Use YouTube App On Roku Smart TV? 

YouTube is one app that you will find automatically downloaded on your Roku Smart TV. It is good to get familiar with it even if you don’t use it often. It should only take you a few minutes to figure out how to navigate the basics of YouTube. 

There are two popular ways to use the YouTube App on your Roku Smart TV. These two methods are using the application on the TV or using the app through a handheld device. Here is how you use these methods.

Using the YouTube App On Your TV

There shouldn’t be a need to download the YouTube application on your TV as it should already be there. If not, you can go to your home screen and add channels. YouTube should be one of the top suggested channels to add to your home screen.

Once you have the application available on your TV, you are ready to begin using it. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the app.
  • Log into your account on YouTube.
  • Search or browse through videos.
  • Make lists or add videos to favorites.
  • Understand the YouTube features.
  • Start watching your videos.

Logging Into Your Account

When you log into your account, you can use an account you have already created or create a new one. If you have a Gmail account, YouTube is a Google company, so you can easily log in to your Gmail account to create a YouTube account.

There are two ways you can log into your account on YouTube. You can either sign in by manually putting your sign-in information through the Roku TV application or log in using your television. 

Search And Browsing YouTube

YouTube will present you with popular videos, your most recent and suggested videos. You can browse through these or go to the search bar to find specific videos. If your account is new, it will be a little bit before YouTube’s algorithm adjusts to videos you are more interested in.

Make Lists Or Add To Favorites

There will be a tab called “Library,” where you can add your favorite videos. This is similar to making a playlist on a music player. You can go to the playlist and add videos or search videos and then add them to that playlist. It depends on your preference.

Understand The YouTube Features

There are many other features that you can become familiar with. When you are watching a video, you can add captions, increase or decrease the speed of the video, and more. While watching a video, play with some of the settings so you can become familiar with them.

Start Watching Your Videos

Once you figure things out, you can start watching your videos on YouTube. You can rent movies, shows, and more. All the videos are free as long as you are willing to sit through ads every few minutes.

YouTube also has a streaming app similar to Netflix and other streaming applications that don’t have ads. You can sign up for this, but it is through a different application on your Roku TV.

When you’re watching your videos, if you don’t want others listening in on what you’re watching, you can also pair your headphones with a Roku Smart TV.

Screen Mirror Through The YouTube App

Sometimes watching videos on your TV can be easily accessed through your phone. As long as you have YouTube on your phone, you can immediately share your screen with your Roku TV through the application. Here is how:

  • Open the application on your phone.
  • Find the video you want to play.
  • Click on the screen share icon on the top right side of the video.
  • It will ask if you want to log in using your account. You can press yes or use a guest account.
  • You can then choose to watch ads on your phone while the video plays on your TV.
  • You can control the video through your phone or your remote controller.


YouTube is a fairly easy application to use on a Roku Smart TV. If you have navigated through the application on your cell phone, you will find that using it on your TV isn’t that different. The set-up may be a little different, but nothing that will have you lost and confused.

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