How To Use The YouTube App On A Sony Smart TV? Easy Steps


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Coming home and unboxing a brand new smart TV is a very exciting time. What can be confusing is how to install and use the YouTube app on the TV. Many Sony TVs come pre-loaded, making your life easier, but how do you use the YouTube app on a Sony smart TV now that you have the app?

Now that you have your TV home, unboxed, and ready to go, it’s important to understand how YouTube works on your new TV. Read on to learn how to  In order to install YouTube, how to launch YouTube and how to navigate YouTube.

Ensure YouTube is Installed

While most Sony TV’s already come with the YouTube app installed, there is the off chance that your TV may not have the app pre-downloaded. This is a relatively easy fix for any Sony TV owner. Simply follow these steps to install it now with a click on your remote:

  • Turn on your Sony TV
  • Connect your TV to the internet via WiFi
  • Press the home button on your remote
  • Find the Apps section on the home screen and select it
  • Go to the Google Play Store and launch it
  • Use the search bar, type in YouTube, and search it
  • When YouTube pops up, select it and press the install button

If you decide you don’t want the YouTube app on your Sony Smart TV, you can easily uninstall it.

Launching YouTube

Now that YouTube has been successfully downloaded onto your Sony TV, it is time to launch it. In order to get YouTube running, make sure that you follow these steps:

  • Turn on your Sony TV
  • Make sure the TV is connected to WiFi
  • Navigate to the YouTube App on the TV
  • Select the YouTube App – It should launch the program

Many Sony remotes also come with a YouTube button. When your Sony TV is turned on, it can also automatically launch YouTube for you if you click this button.

YouTube allows you to watch an array of videos on their platform.  They also offer live streams, TV, and music. This one-stop-shop is a great source of entertainment if you know how to use it properly. We’ve highlighted some of the best features on YouTube and how to use them.

Watch Videos

You can watch videos on YouTube with the click of a button. Videos can be from artists, up-and-coming comedians, news anchors, and more. Here are the best ways to search for a video to watch using the YouTube app on your Sony TV:

  • The first option is to use the search function within the app. It has a magnifying glass that you can select and then input the keyword you want to find relevant videos. If you know a specific title, you can input that as well. All results that are relevant will appear when you search in this way.
  • If you don’t want to use the search function, you can browse the home screen on the YouTube app. It will show you recommended videos, trending videos, and similar videos to ones you have watched previously. Select the one you want to watch and enjoy.
  • The other way to look for videos in this app is by using the subscription tab within the app. If you have subscribed to channels previously, you can use this section to see content that is relevant to the specific channel of interest. 

Save a Video for Later

Sometimes we find a series of videos on YouTube that we begin to watch but can’t finish. Just like the cliffhanger in a TV series, this can lead to anxiety and stress. After all, you need to know what happens next, but you just don’t have the time! Luckily, YouTube allows its users to save videos to view later. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to the video you want to watch.
  • Select the video.
  • The watch page will now pop up on your screen as if you were going to watch the video at the same moment.
  • Go to the vertical three dots on the watch page and click them.
  • Select the save button, which looks like three horizontal stacked lines with a plus button.
  • Pick a playlist you want to save the video to or create a new playlist to save it too. 
  • Now you can go back to your playlist and watch the video again later.

Video On Demand

YouTube is a great app. It provides hours of entertainment for individuals of all ages. With modern technology, we are lucky enough to be able to watch it on our TV at the click of a button. As long as you keep the app up to date, you’ll have a video on demand at the click of a button.

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