Years ago, we would have never imagined that a voice assistant like Apple’s Siri can be helpful in day-to-day applications. However, with advancements in Siri technology, it has become easier than ever before to use her as your own “personal assistant,” aiding you with day-to-day tasks to make work or school easier. This is especially the case for homeschooling parents, as Siri offers plenty of educational benefits.

For many teachers who have admitted to using Siri in their daily activities, the voice assistant has become a helping hand in the classroom. Siri can be used for several educational applications, such as vocabulary, research, time management for tests or quizzes, assignment reminders, and more.

In this article, you will find out how you can use Siri for homeschooling and how the technology is advancing the efficiency of the home classroom.

How to Use Siri for Homeschooling with Kids

Homeschooling can come with a lot of fun, especially for kids. Kids get to bond with each other over math or English in a familiar and safe atmosphere while parents get to strengthen their family relationships. And with technology like Apple’s digital assistant Siri, homeschooling is now easier and fun to manage.

But to start, how is Siri helping kids across the world with homeschooling?

Answer Any Question

As a parent homeschooling your kids, you’re not expected to know the solutions to every question (and it’s okay if you don’t), but most students hope that you have some kind of answer. This makes Siri an excellent backup tool.

Not sure how to explain the United States Declaration of Independence? Simply say, “Hey Siri, what was the US Declaration of Independence?” and she has you covered with immediate answers for your students.

Of course, Siri isn’t limited to historical facts; it can help you answer any question, even math problems. You can easily ask, “Hey Siri, what’s the square root of 289?” And she can solve it.

Ultimately, it is much easier having Siri provide the answers on your behalf than having your kids go on the internet to search it up themselves and risk getting distracted or stumble across unsafe websites.

Develop Vocabulary

The English language can be complicated with loads of synonyms, antonyms, and understanding the connotation and denotation of everyday words. Siri can help your students improve their vocabulary and offer assistance during writing workshops, reading, and vocabulary development.

Simply ask Siri to provide antonyms or synonyms of specific words and have her read the definition to your students.

Creates Fun Moments

The goal of homeschooling for many parents is to create a bond and happy moments with their family. But how do you get to do that when one or both parents aren’t “fun?” Siri can help tell your kids’ jokes, nice stories, get them to participate in a short fun quiz, and many more.

There are tons of kid-friendly apps integrated with Siri, like the Highlight Storybook, 1-2-3 Math, and Story Time.

Using Siri is easy as saying, “Hey Siri, open Animal Sound Game” or “Hey Siri, open Crabby Dance” to get your kids wiggling away during their homeschool break. From fun math quizzes to fun children’s stories, Siri helps make homeschooling fun again.

How to Be the Best Homeschool Teacher You Can Be

Technology is quickly changing how the home classroom operates, not just in the US but around the world. With AI-powered voice assistants like Siri finding its way into classrooms, the focus has begun to shift to not just what it can do for students, but for teachers, too.

Time Management

Time is one factor that requires tracking when homeschooling your kids. However, sometimes, bringing out your phone to set the timer or check the timer can cause a distraction when homeschooling.

Instead, you can simply use the Siri voice prompt to give time instructions without bringing out your mobile device. Just say, “Hey Siri, set timer for 30 minutes.” Since Siri is hands-free and screen-free, it is easy for you to give out voice commands and manage your kids’ lesson times remotely.

Set Reminders

Teachers are some of the busiest individuals you will ever come across. Still, homeschooling parents are arguably busier since they not only teach but also manage daily tasks around the home. This leaves them little time to write down notes or reminders.

However, you can always ask Siri to take notes or set up reminders for you throughout the day, without even needing to use your device physically. Simply say, “Hey Siri, remind me today at 2:30 pm to give the kids their weekend homework assignments.”

You can even set location-based reminders. This allows you to set reminders like, “Hey Siri, remind me to call Trae when I leave the house.

Get Help Creating Lesson Plans

Integrating the use of Siri in your day-to-day home classroom activities can help you become a better researcher and create engaging lesson plans for your kids. Simply ask Siri about a certain topic, like “Hey Siri, what happened during the Great Depression?” and take notes about any key points for discussion later.

This also saves you lots of time that you would otherwise spend scrolling through web pages for research.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while Siri still gets regular updates and requires the internet to function, it definitely offers both students and teachers plenty of educational benefits when used the right way.

Of course, the benefits Siri offers doesn’t just stop at education; check out this article to learn about how it can help improve how you work!