How to Use Schlage Virtual Key

smart phone with a padlock chained around itsmart phone with a padlock chained around it

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The first line of defense in protecting your home is restricting who can enter through the front door. When you use a Schlage Smart Lock, you can monitor who comes in and out of the house, and provide guests and visitors with a virtual key.

For guests, they can use a Schlage virtual key by opening the Schlage home app and turning on Bluetooth, then pressing the unlock symbol. The account holder can program the parameters of the Virtual Keys, including when the Virtual Key can unlock a door and which doors it can unlock.

The Schlage Virtual Key will help you control the comings and goings of your home. Keep on reading to learn more.

How to Use Schlage Virtual Key

Protecting your home is more important than ever.

Using the Virtual Key is fairly simple.

  • As you approach the Schlage Deadbolt, pull out your phone.
  • Open the Schlage Home App, and the Virtual Key should appear right.
  • Press on the locked symbol at the top middle of the screen and wait up to 15 seconds.

The Locked Symbol will turn green and unlock when the lock is open.

Now that you know how to use a Schlage Virtual Key, what else should you know about it?

What to Know about the Schlage Virtual key

A virtual key is a type of specialized access code that the Schlage account owner has.

They can also create virtual keys for other people in the home.

Without the virtual key, a person cannot unlock a door that is outfitted with either the Schlage Smart Deadbolt or the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt.

With the Schlage Virtual Key, the account holder will know who entered the home and at what time.

They will also know who tried to enter the home when they are not allowed.

But what if a guest visits and you are not there to unlock the door?

How Guests Can Have Their Own Keys

You can give guests and visitors who need to access your home a virtual key.

They can install the Virtual Key and Home App onto their phone, and they will be able to open the front door through the app.

In order to receive a virtual key, the guest must download the Schlage Home App.

The account holder can send a link to a virtual key from their home app to the guest’s home app.

Even though guests must download the Schlage Home App and a virtual key, guests are not able to create virtual keys or share their own virtual key with someone else.

For example, your child has a friend that wants to come over to the home every day after soccer practice.

Your home is only two blocks away from their school, so they can walk home.

You can download the Schlage home app onto your child’s phone and designate a virtual key for them.

The virtual key you create will open the front door and back door, but not your private office.

And your child cannot give the Virtual Key to their friend.

What Else Can a Guest’s Virtual Key Do?

A guest virtual key can only do what the account holder designates it to do.

The account holder can designate what doors and locks each virtual key can and cannot unlock.

So how does a guest unlock the Schlage Deadbolt?

How Can a Guest Use their Virtual Key?

When a guest needs to unlock the Schlage Deadbolt, they must first turn on their smartphone’s Bluetooth connection.

If they do not turn on their Bluetooth, they will not be able to unlock the door.

After turning on Bluetooth, they must open their Schlage home app and press the locked button symbol in the middle of the app screen.

After a few seconds, the deadbolts will unlock if their visit is within the set parameters.

If they are trying to unlock the door when they’re not allowed inside, they will not be allowed to enter, and the app will alert the account holder of the failed attempt to unlock the door.

So, what can an account holder set for a virtual key?

Features of a Virtual Key

There are many ways for an account holder to program a virtual key.

Here are the features and settings available when creating and maintaining virtual keys:

  • Create new virtual keys
  • Set which doors and locks can be unlocked and locked
  • Set the times for when the virtual key will work
  • Delete the virtual key
  • Program who can create and edit virtual keys
  • Create Virtual Keys that automatically delete after 24 hours

This way, only people who you want to have the virtual key can have it only when you want them to be able to.

Final Thoughts

Leaving the key underneath a mat or under a potted plant is not a viable way for friends and family to enter your home when you are not there.

Thieves and rubbers are far too bold now, and they have no problem robbing a home in broad daylight.

By using the Schlage Deadbolt and Virtual Key system, only trusted family members and friends will have access to your home, and you’ll know who and when they are in your home.

Not to mention, you never have to ask for your key back ever again!

Just delete their virtual key, and they won’t be able to get back in.

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