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How to Use Nest Cam as a Baby Monitor

Last Updated Nov 22, 2021
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When you finally get to bring your newborn baby home from the hospital, one of your first thoughts is more than likely going to be how can I keep an eye on my child, and of course keep them safe. One item that can certainly help bring the parent peace of mind is a baby monitor, but can you use the Nest Cam you already have as one?

All that is needed for the Nest Cam to be used as a baby monitor is accessible wifi, a pairing to the parent or babysitter’s smartphone or tablet, and a subscription to the Nest Aware app to allow extended recording. 

If you are like most parents out there you probably want to do all the research you can to see if this is the best route for you to take, and also find out if maybe there are other options for you to take. Don’t worry! Keep reading to find out about more baby monitor options.

Can I Use My Nest Mini as a Baby Monitor?

After learning about how easily you can turn your Nest Cam into a baby monitor, you may be asking yourself if the same could be said for the Nest mini. Sadly though the same can not be said for the Nest Mini.

Though the Nest Mini has many uses in the home, it is less than suitable as a baby monitor. With its microphone only suitable for voice recognition, and its lack of camera, it is a less than ideal choice for a baby monitor.

Even though the Nest mini may not be as suitable as a baby monitor as the Nest Cam, that does not mean that there are no other options out there that can be just as suitable as a baby monitor as the Nest Cam. Keep reading to learn about other options, such as the wifi camera and if it too is a suitable baby monitor option.

Can You Use a Wifi Camera as a Baby Monitor?

With all of the new options out there for wifi cameras, and all of the latest gadgets and features that come with them, some parents have been asking themselves if it was possible for them to also double as a baby monitor. If your wifi camera has the right features that answer is a resounding yes!

Wifi cameras are now becoming great options as baby monitors. With many wifi cameras coming with features such as high quality (1080p) video, night vision, smartphone, or tablet pairing, and even two way microphones, all of which make them great baby monitor options.

With both wifi cameras, and baby monitors both serving as surveillance systems in a sense. It would make sense that in some ways they could become interchangeable. The key to having a wifi camera that can serve as both is to make sure that it comes with the necessary standard features. 

For a wifi camera to make a great baby monitor it needs to have features other than just high quality video, such as a two-way microphone, so that you can hear your baby, as well as being able to talk to and sooth them. It also helps for it to be paired with other wifi cameras so that you can have multiple views of your child, or if you have a second child you need to monitor.

Can a Nest Camera be Used as a Webcam?

With all of the features and uses of a Nest Camera it is only natural for people to want to explore, and find out what all of the capabilities of the Nest Camera are. With so many people live streaming, and webcamming now, especially with the pandemic. It’s only natural for people to wonder whether or not their Nest Camera can be used as a webcam.

Since Nest Cams function over a cloud based storage system, they do not serve well as a fully functioning webcam. You can however view their live stream online using its embedded webpage, or link.

Though the Nest Camera has many uses where it excels, being used as a webcam is not one of them. The Nest Camera operates over a cloud based storage system allowing you to have access to its live stream through the Nest Cams link, or its embedded webpage. You can also view multiple Nest Cameras simultaneously through this same system.

Most webcams are able to integrate and work with other apps such as Zoom, or Skype rather easily, and even though the Nest Cam is not able to operate in this way, it does have its own platform where you can view its livestreams. The Google Home app or the Nest app both allow the Nest cam to share its live streams with others.


Now you know how to keep an eye on your child and make sure they’re okay at all times by using your Nest camera as a baby monitor, even if that’s not its intentional use.

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