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How To Use Google Assistant on Nest Cam IQ

Last Updated Dec 11, 2021
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Smart home devices such as Nest Cams enhance the security in our homes, and connecting them to virtual assistants such as Google Assistant improves their functionality. Google Assistant enables you to use voice commands to control your devices and complete tasks. You can use Google Assistant through your Nest Cam IQ Indoor.

To use Google Assistant on Nest Cam IQ, you should first set it up and enable it on your device. Next, to stream your Nest Cam live video feed, use google voice commands. For example, say, “OK, Google or Hey Google show [nest camera name].” To stop streaming, say, “OK, Google stop.”

You can easily enable Google Assistant on your Nest Cam Indoor and complete tasks hands-free. In addition, you can temporarily disable the Google Assistant any time you want. Read on to learn which Nest devices work with Google Assistant and get the most functionality out of your smart devices. 

Does Nest Cam IQ Have Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is compatible with various Nest cameras, and you can use voice commands through your devices to complete tasks. In addition, Google Assistant is interactive, and you can ask questions and hear answers through your camera.

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor has Google Assistant built-in, but it is unavailable on the Nest Cam IQ Outdoors. You can easily enable Google Assistant in your Nest Cam in the following simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Nest app
  2. On the home screen, tap Camera
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select your Nest Cam IQ Indoor
  5. Tap Add Google Assistant and follow the on-screen prompts to finish setting up

If you would like to learn more about Nest cam, check out this article. If you do not use a Google Account to sign into the Nest app or use a Google Home app, you should first migrate your account to enable Google Assistant. Open your Nest app home screen, select settings, tap on works with Nest and click on Google Assistant. Click on allow to finish the migration.

Which Nest Cam Supports Google Assistant?

You can enhance the functionality of your smart home devices, such as Nest cameras, using Google Assistant. You can easily play a live video feed and get alerts on activity from anywhere. Additionally, you can control devices and get answers through your Nest cam.

Your Nest cameras should be compatible with Google Assistant for you to enjoy the convenience of controlling your devices through Google commands. Nest cameras that support Google Assistant are Nest Cam, Nest Cam IQ Indoor, and the Nest Hello Video doorbell.

How Do I Add Google Assistant to Nest?

You should first link up your nest devices on the Google Home app to use Google Assistant. If you have an Android device, Google Assistant is built-in. However, you can download the Google Home app or Google Assistant app for iPhone and iPad.  

You can link your Nest to Google Home in a few simple steps:

  1. Open the app and create an account. Sign in with your Google account if you are using the Google Home app.
  2. Next, follow the instructions on the app to add the camera by scanning the QR code or entering the setup code.
  3. The app will walk you through the required steps to finish setting up and installing the camera.

If you sign in to your Nest account using a Google account, the Google Home app automatically adds your device.  Open the home screen and scroll to Settings to enable Google Assistant on your device. Next, select your Nest device and tap on Add Google Assistant. 

Does Nest Work with Google Assistant?

You can use Google Assistant to check your Nest camera feed and get notifications on your smart displays and enabled speakers. Google Assistant also works with Nest doorbells, Nest thermostats, Nest secure alarm systems, and Nest × Yale Lock.

You can use voice commands to check and control the temperature in your house and display the live video feed from Nest cameras. If you have a Google-enabled smart display and speaker, you can get a notification when the doorbell rings and stream the doorbell video.

In addition, you can use voice commands to arm your security system, lock up when leaving and remotely check your security status.

If you use Nest Guard or Nest Cam IQ Indoors, you can speak the google commands directly to the devices. On the other hand, you use a Google-enabled smart display or speaker when using Google Assistant with other Nest devices. In addition, you can use the Google Assistant app on your tablet or phone to say your command.


Google Assistant helps you get the most functionality of your Nest products. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor has an in-built Google Assistant, and you can perform tasks by directly using voice commands through it. On the other hand, you can download the Google Home app or the Google Assistant app for iPhone and iPad. 

You can enable your device on the settings in your Nest app or log in with the Google Home app. 

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