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How To Use Echo Studio As A Sound Bar? Simple Steps!

Last Updated Nov 29, 2021

If you are already impressed with the excellent sound quality of Echo Studio it produces, then get ready to use it as a Sound Bar system for a brilliant entertainment experience. You might be keen to do it without any further delay. Let us find out how you can complete this procedure within a couple of minutes. 

In general, one can use the Echo Studio as a Sound Bar by connecting it with a TV via AUX, Bluetooth or WiFi. In the last option, it is necessary to have a TV with the supporting technology. Furthermore, each of these methods has different steps to follow. 

Continue reading this post to learn about how to connect Echo Studio with your TV through Aux, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

How Do I Use AUX In Echo Studio? 

Follow the below steps to connect the Echo Studio with a TV: 

  • Always use the 3.5mm aux cable
  • Insert one end into input port of the Echo Studio
  • Connect other end to audio output of TV
  • Start listening the sound through the Echo Studio

All Amazon Echo devices provide a user-friendly experience. In this regard, using the AUX input port on the Echo Studio is no exception. 

How To Connect Echo Studio With TV Via Wi-Fi? 

To connect the Echo Studio with TV via Wi-Fi: 

  • Turn on TV
  • Open the Alexa app
  • Tap on Devices
  • Click on the plus icon
  • Choose Set Up Audio System
  • Select Home Theater
  • Once the rescan is complete, click on TV
  • Click on Next and add Echo Studio

Give a specific name for the connection between the Echo Studio and your TV, and save it before you close the application. Furthermore, select the Play Preview option to ensure that your TV sound is running successfully through the Echo Studio. 

How To Connect Echo Studio With TV Through Bluetooth?

To connect TV with the Echo Studio through Bluetooth, follow the given below steps: 

  • Open the Alexa app
  • Choose Devices
  • Tap on Echo & Alexa
  • Click Bluetooth Devices 
  • Select Pair A New Device

After completing the scanning process, you can see your TV in the searched results. Select it and enjoy hearing high-quality music or other sounds directly through your Echo studio speaker. 

If you are not ready to put your high investments in an expensive new soundbar, use the Echo Studio as a superb home theater speaker instead. However, you must check its compatibility with your TV device before moving ahead.

As we talk about the Amazon Echo devices, they are no doubt an excellent investment. You probably know that these smart speakers can efficiently channel Alexa, play music, control smart devices, and schedule the household on track. But what you don’t realize is that the Echo device can even improve your TV’s sound.

Check out this article to learn more. Now that you have learned about the three ways to connect the Echo Studio with your TV, let us discuss a few more related concerns too. 

Does Amazon Echo Studio Have Aux Input?

Echo Studio features an Aux input to connect with other devices through a wire. Hence, users can benefit from this option if their TVs do not support Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. However, this facility is not available in the older generations of the Echo devices.

What Is The Difference Between Echo Studio & Other Sound Bars?

If we talk about the pricing point, then Echo Studio is generally a superior option compared to the sound bar system. It has more channels, louder sound, and allows various connections, which you cannot expect from other products available on the market today.

Another significant difference between the two is that the Echo Studio comes with upward-facing speakers. With this and the Dolby Atmos, it allows the user to reproduce some 3D sound to make the entertainment more joyful. 

Let us highlight the difference between Echo Studio and Sound Bar in the form of a comparison table:

SpecsEcho StudioSound Bar
Peak amplification330W200W
Dolby AtmosYesNo

The critical difference between the soundbar and Echo Studio generally lies in their shapes. Most sound bars have a thinner body for a sleek, modern design, but the device in question is cylindrical-shaped. Also, Amazon Echo Studio Doesn’t have speakers on the back. So, you will have to place them in a front room, which might not always be the best possible place to get great sound. 

The Echo Studio also offers the most advanced connectivity options that the cheaper ones do not have, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth supports. Furthermore, these devices feature the Alexa voice that makes controlling all functions a breeze. Undeniably, the Echo Studio is the diverse alternative of the other sound bars. 


We hope that you must have got enough information about how to use Echo Studio as a sound bar system for an extraordinary sound experience. Once the Echo Studio connects with the TV, it gets enjoyable for the user to enjoy the best quality sounds. Purchasing a sound bar with an Alexa app makes it equal to getting two technological benefits at one time.