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How to Use Chromecast with a TV

Last Updated May 17, 2021
TV playing video from chromecast device

Chromecast is the premier choice when it comes to streaming the most popular content. Whether you have a television with a built-in Chromecast, are using a plug-and-play dongle, or connecting with an adaptor, using Chromecast with your TV is just a few steps away. Chromecast and the Google Home app make it easy to install your favorite apps, start, pause and stop content when convenient for you, and provide hours of entertainment in the comfort of your home.

After setting up your Chromecast device, you will want to learn the most effective ways to stream content, start and stop playback, and install your favorite apps from a growing list of compatible choices. Watching Chromecast with your TV is easy when you follow the instructions in this guide. Keep reading to learn the best way to start casting on your television today.

How to Use Chromecast with a TV

After purchasing your Chromecast device and getting everything set up, it is time to start enjoying the show. Since Chromecast relies on your smartphone, or another device such as your laptop or speaker, to cast streaming content to your TV, we will look at the best ways to interact with those devices to seamlessly deliver your programs to your TV.

Streaming Controls with an iOS Device

Accessing media controls using your iOS device is easy when you use the Google Home App. This method of playback control is only available for iOS devices.

  1. Using the Google Home app already downloaded on your iOS device, you will use the Google Media Controls widget to interact with content.
  2. Open the app and select the device you are streaming from. You will see control buttons for Pause, Play, and Stop. Tap the setting you wish to use.

Streaming Controls with an Android Device

Using Cast Media Control Notifications is the method for controlling your playback when using an Android device.

Android devices rely on Cast Media Control Notifications that are delivered directly to your phone to control content. The notifications display the device that Chromecast is casting to, the provider of the content, and the controls to Pause, Mute, Stop, and Settings. Tap the setting you wish to use.

To dismiss the notification, you have two options:

  1. Open the notification, choose Settings and move the slider to off for Show Remote Control Notifications.
  2. Choose Settings on your phone, Google, Device Connections, Cast Media Controls, and turn off Media Controls for Cast Devices.

Streaming Controls Using Voice Commands

Knowing which streaming apps can use voice commands to start, stop and pause playback can add to the versatility of the way you control your content.

First, let us look at some of the most popular apps compatible with Chromecast that you can use voice commands with. You’ll find that some of the supported Chromecast devices that are compatible with certain apps can vary. Additionally, there may be some requirements to use Chromecast with these apps to ensure you get the most out of them.

Compatible AppSupported Chromecast DeviceAdditional Requirements
Disney +Chromecast, Chromecast Built-in, Google Nest Display 
NetflixChromecast, Chromecast Built-in, Google Nest Display 
HuluChromecast, Chromecast Built-in, Google Nest Display 
Paramount PlusChromecast, Chromecast Built-in, Google Nest Display 
Sling TVChromecast, Chromecast Built-in, Google Nest Display 
Google Play TVChromecast, Chromecast Built-inNo app installation required to use commands; controls automatically available
Apple TVChromecast with Google TV 
STARZChromecast, Chromecast Built-in, Google Nest DisplayVoice control only available for STARZ direct users; not available for cable login

Using Voice Commands for Chromecast on Your TV

Using voice commands to control your Chromecast content on your TV comes with a lot of options. Whether you want to open the app to look around, jump into the next episode of your favorite show, or stop, pause or play, there are many ways to use Chromecast on your TV.

After saying the appropriate wake words to begin using your voice, many of the most commonly used content control options become available:

 Google Nest Say “OK Google,” or “Hey Google” then:Chromecast TV Say “OK Google,” or “Hey Google,” then:Android TV Say “OK Google,” or “Hey Google” then:
To Open an app“Open Starz,” “Start Netflix”“Start Netflix on the TV,” “Open Hulu on the TV”“Open Starz on TV”
To Pause, Resume, or Stop“Pause,” “Resume,” “Stop”“Pause,” “Resume,” “Stop” on TV or Chromecast“Pause,” “Resume,” “Stop” on TV
To Play a TV Series, TV Show or Movie“Watch Name of Show,” “Play “Name of Show”“Watch Name of Show,” “Play Name of Show”(Supports Netflix) “Play Netflix Choice” on TV
To Play the Next Episode or Previous Episode“Next Episode,” “Previous Episode”“Play Next Episode,” “Play the Previous Episode” on TV or Chromecast“Next Episode,” “Previous Episode” on TV

Google’s Chromecast Support has convenient help available for issues that may arise with using Chromecast with a TV. Click here for their troubleshooting assistance. The troubleshooter can help with the inability to cast. Click, “I’m having an issue casting apps to my TV,” and the troubleshooter will walk you through the process of getting help.

  1. After clicking the box for an issue with casting apps to your TV, you will then be asked which issue you are having trouble with.
  2. Choose from: Casting from a Google Cast-enabled app, YouTube app for either Android or iOS, casting an Android screen from your Google Home app, or low volume while casting from Android.
  3. After choosing one of these choices, you will be directed to specialized help for your issue.

If the troubleshooter does not get your Chromecast content playing on your TV, there are other helpful places to look for assistance. Contact the Chromecast Support Team by clicking here to get specific help with your casting issue. This contact page allows you to input all the specific information about your issue, from the type of device you have to the issue you are experiencing to options on how to contact them for more assistance.

In addition to contacting the Chromecast Support Team, Chromecast has a community of users available to discuss the issues you are having. You will often find that the issue is listed, and you can find solutions to get Chromecast casting to your TV. Click here to engage with the Chromecast community and submit your question. Have the model of your Chromecast device, the type of TV you are using, and the device you are using to cast available to get help for your specific Chromecast issue.


After discovering the enjoyment of streaming your favorite content with Chromecast, you will experience the convenience of easy-to-use control options. Casting your favorite streaming apps, including TV shows, movies, music, and your favorite videos, is as easy as clicking the Google Home App and exploring the available choices. Using Chromecast with a TV is sure to be an enjoyable experience with so many options available!

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