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How to Use Chromecast on a Laptop

Last Updated May 5, 2021
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Using Chromecast to watch all your favorite shows on the television is a convenient streaming option in your home. However, there may be times when you’d like to take those shows along with you. Whether you are in your hotel room relaxing for the evening, enjoying a coffee on your deck, or in the backyard relaxing with friends and family, installing and using Chromecast on your laptop is a great option.

With the latest version of Chrome installed on your laptop and the convenience of an easy-to-use Chromecast dongle installed, connecting and streaming on your laptop is just a few steps away. With a quality Wi-Fi connection and your laptop, you will be streaming in no time.

Even if you have never used Chromecast before, the process is easier with the device’s ease of use. There is no HDMI cable to find, no special connections to hook into. Keep reading to find out the best way to start using Chromecast on your laptop.

How to Connect Chromecast to Your Laptop

The following instructions show the way to get started with Chromecast on your laptop. Make sure to complete the items on the checklist to ensure that you have a strong connection for uninterrupted, enjoyable viewing.

  1. While browser settings can be set to automatically update to the latest version of Chrome, take the time to make sure you have the most recent update. This will ensure the best connectivity.
  2. Open your Menu button for Chrome. This can be found in the upper right-hand corner of your browser, indicated by the three dots. If you are unsure of how to do this, click here.
  3. Find the option that says Cast and choose it.
  4. You will see a list of casting options. If you have more than one, make sure to choose the option that says Chromecast.
  5. If your settings are up to date and you have a strong connection with your Wi-Fi, the connection should only take a few seconds.
  6. Start enjoying the show!

Connecting Chromecast to Your Laptop with Other Browsers

If you do not use Chrome on your laptop and wish to stream using a Chromecast device, there is no need to forego the process. Helpful browser extensions are available to get your laptop set up in no time. The following information will ensure you find the best extension for your browser’s setup:

Microsoft Edge:

  1. Click Menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Select More Tools, then Cast Media to Device.
  3. Choose the Device you wish to cast to (your laptop in this case).
  4. Casting should now begin.


  1. Click the Opera icon in the top left corner of your browser.
  2. Choose the Settings option.
  3. Scroll to the User Interface option.
  4. Check Enable Chromecast Support.
  5. Click the currently open tab and choose Cast.


  1. Download the fx_cast extension.
  2. If needed, download the Windows Extension from the same page.
  3. Select Continue to Installation.
  4. Click the Add button to add the extension.
  5. Click the Cast icon from the page or right-click the multimedia player and choose Cast.
  6. Select your destination device to begin casting.

While these alternative connection options are available if you choose not to use Chrome, they may not be the most reliable. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for your Chromecast-laptop connection.

Ensuring a Strong Chromecast Connection on Your Laptop

When you are using Chromecast on your television, your established connection will enable a continuous stream, barring any internet or router outages. However, with your laptop, there are a few considerations to make sure you do not lose connection while enjoying your content.

  • If you suddenly lose connection, stability, or quality, make sure to check the connection on your laptop.
  • For lost connections, try moving closer to your router if you are outside the normal connection range. Sometimes this is all that is needed to restore your program.
  • After trying to reconnect with no results, initiating a hard restart on your router can often fix the problem. Unplug your router and wait 30 seconds. Plug it back in and restart your program.
  • If you have other types of router configurations, such as a website-only connection or a button interface, this article gives a highly detailed list of options to get your laptop streaming with Chromecast quickly.
  • When none of the above solutions work, try restarting your laptop and ensure that it is fully charged.


Setting up a new way to stream your content using your laptop can open a whole new world of enjoying your favorite programs. Chromecast is designed to be an easy-to-use solution for interacting with the most popular streaming apps. By following the steps found in this article, you will be enjoying your programs in various convenient settings.

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