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How To Turn Off The Google Nest Audio Lights

Last Updated Jan 30, 2022
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Google has some amazing products, and Nest Audio is one of their amazing products to grace our market. If you need a portable, easy-to-use, and clear sound transmission smart speaker, then Google Nest Audio is something you should get. However, some customers have wondered how they could turn off the audio lights on their devices, and the subject has received contrasting answers, and it’s only fair if we give the right answer.

On average, you can turn off the lights on Nest Audio through the Google Home app. Select the device and navigate to settings. Under ‘notification,’ you should see the lights option where you can turn it off. If you can’t find the settings through the app, you should use the physical switch at the bottom of the device.

That’s not all, as you still need to know what every light pattern means and whether Nest Audio can respond to commands even when the lights are off, which you will learn if you read on.

How do I Turn off Google Nest Audio Lights?

Google Nest Audio speakers come equipped with some lights which have different indications. However, some people have found it hard to turn off these lights, but the process is not as complicated as one might think.

Besides controlling and interacting with your Nest Audio, you can also turn off the lights remotely using the Google Home app. It’s the easiest way to operate any Google Nest device connected to the app. Here’s how you do it:

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Select the Nest Audio device
  • Navigate to settings until you reach the ‘notification’ tab
  • Check the lights option and turn it off

Keep in mind that you can also control how you wish the lights to respond using the app. In case the device is malfunctioning, you can also use the app to troubleshoot it.

However, if you can’t manage to turn them off using the app, there is always a physical switch underneath the device for this purpose. Slide it to the opposite side, and the lights will go off. Contact support if you can’t find the switch and the speaker is not responding to the app’s commands.

What does every Light Pattern on Google Nest Audio Mean?

The Nest Audio speaker comes equipped with four micro-bulbs that light up when the speaker is operational. However, the bulbs are customized to light in different colors, with each color indicating something different.

Here are the colors to expect and their meaning:

Four Pulsating White Lights

The pulsating nature of the lights indicates that Google Assistant has detected the ‘Hey Google’ phrase. However, if there is a quick pulsating, it means Google Assistant is listening. If there is a flush and a fade, it means Google Assistant didn’t understand your request, and you need to repeat the query.

If the white lights run from left to right continuously, it means Google Assistant is ‘thinking’ and will respond soon. If there is continuous light pulsating, it means Google Assistant is responding.

If the white lights flash twice and then fade away, it means Google Assistant understood your request and didn’t respond verbally. It’s common for such to happen when playing music, and you requested Google Assistant to play the next music.

Four Orange Lights

Orange lights mean the microphone is off, and Google Assistant can’t detect the ‘Hello Google’ command. Turn the mic switch on and is located next to the power cord.

Four Blue Lights

These lights mean you need to verify the speaker. Check the user manual to know how you can verify the speaker.

White Lights Running back and Forth

The continuous back and forth light movement means the speaker is connecting to the WiFi network. It should take a few seconds to establish a connection.

One Constant Light for 10 Minutes

A single light for approximately 10 minutes means there is a notification. Say ‘Hello Google, what’s up?’ to know about the notification.

Can a Google Nest Audio Respond with Lights Off?

The only time the Nest Audio lights go off is when you unplug the device from a power source. However, the device will still respond to different commands unless the colors are not white. Here are situations when the speaker might not respond to command:

  • Four Orange Lights – to indicate the speaker is off
  • Two red lights – to indicate the speaker is undergoing an update that’s taking longer than usual


Google Nest Audio is a great device with impressive features. The lights on the speaker have different meanings, such as when Google Assistant is ‘listening,’ ‘thinking,’ or responding to your commands.

You can switch off the lights by using the Google Home app or the switch beneath the device. The speaker can respond to commands as long as the lights remain on. It’s best to contact customer support if the lights go off by themselves.

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