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How to Transfer Spectrum When Moving: An Easy Guide

Last Updated Jun 8, 2022

Nothing is more difficult than moving from one new place to another. You often find yourself dealing with the troubles of packing, but also moving things that aren’t just physical. Mail, insurance, bills, even cable and internet. But thanks to cable companies like Spectrum, it’s easier than ever. Here’s an easy guide on transferring Spectrum during a move. 

To transfer Spectrum Internet and Cable Services, all you have to do is call (855) 363-4902. This number will connect you with a live representative who will help guide you in transferring your Spectrum TV, Internet and Voice services to your brand new house address.

You probably still have questions and concerns about moving with Spectrum. What happens if Spectrum isn’t in your new area? How does moving affect your bill? We’ll cover these questions and many more! 

How Do You Notify Spectrum That You Are Moving?

To receive your cable and internet bills at the right address, you’ll need to keep your address updated in Spectrum’s files.

Here’s how you notify Spectrum that you’re moving:

  1. Call (855)-363-4902.
  2. A live representative will schedule your move and start transferring your service to the new location. 
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation message, double check to ensure the connection is working properly in the new property and you’re all set to go!

On the off chance that Spectrum doesn’t provide coverage in your new area, Spectrum representatives will partner with you to help you find new Internet and Voice services available in your area. 

How Does Moving Affect My Spectrum Bill?

Those who are moving for the first time may not know whether you have to create a new account with your cable and internet service provider once you’ve changed addresses.

If you are moving within a Spectrum service area then you can keep your original Spectrum account. That means you can continue to pay your bill. Any additional features you previously had set up like auto pay will also remain available to you for future use in your new home.

Another option is to call and find out about any new services or packages via Spectrum available in the new area you’ve moved to as they differ from location to location.

How Does Moving Spectrum Affect My Services & Equipment?

Now that you know how moving Spectrum affects your bill, you may be wondering how it affects your services and equipment. 

It is recommended to always call Spectrum representatives at the number we previously provided if you have any questions and concerns regarding your services and equipment, but we can answer a few questions for you here.


Self-installation is available for Spectrum users in some locations, meaning you would be able to install your equipment yourself. If this isn’t the case, a Spectrum installation specialist can come out to your home to install the equipment for you and answer any other questions you might have. 

New Equipment

If your new address calls for new equipment you may need to return your old equipment. 

Returning Spectrum equipment can be done with the below options: 

  • UPS Mail in: Simply drop the equipment off at any UPS store. 
  • Fedex Mail In: Just drop the equipment off at any Fedex store. 
  • Store drop off: Spectrum has its own store you can drop used equipment off to. 
  • Home pick up: Spectrum customers with any disabilities are able to have their equipment picked up at home by a Spectrum technician. 

Now, let’s see how moving Spectrum affects your settings for Spectrum.

How Does Moving Spectrum Affect My Network & Account Settings?

You may be wondering if your settings are reverted back to default once you move your Spectrum since you’ll be resetting your location.

You can speak to a Spectrum agent about how transferring your account works. You can update your personal information such as phone number, home address, email address and speak to them about other things such as notification settings and payment. 

If you are bringing the same equipment from your old address to your new address then your wifi name and password will remain the same. If you are bringing new equipment to a new address then you’ll need to set up a brand new wifi name and password. 

The new name and password will most likely be found on the router module. If not, you can use instructions provided to find the information via any computer. 

Can a New Location Affect My Spectrum Cable Service?

A big question many people ask when moving is if they’ll get the same service strength as the last address.

In some cases, Spectrum TV experiences changes in local channels and overall channel line up depending on the location of the user. On the other hand, Spectrum Voice doesn’t change, still allowing unlimited local and long distance calling to other countries. 

The only other possible issue you might come in contact with when moving is whether or not the new house is wifi friendly. Thick walls, location of the router, how big the house is can all lead to wifi issues. Luckily, Spectrum technicians and customer service agents can work with you to find the best solutions possible.


Spectrum’s main goal as a broadband provider is to make any and every move as seamless and easy as possible. They understand a move in general can be difficult and even list moving help which can be found here. 

Now you know how easy it is to transfer the internet, voice and cable broadband system Spectrum from one household to another during a move. It’s as easy as dialing a number and speaking to a live representative for a few short minutes about your move!

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