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How to Transfer Money from Apple Pay to Cash App and What to Expect

Last Updated Dec 26, 2022
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Transferring money from app to app makes life easier for the most part, but only if you have the right apps.

There is no direct way to transfer money from Apple Pay to Cash App. In order to transfer money from between these two apps, you’ll have to use a third-party app, account, or software. The easiest way to move money from Apple Pay to Cash App and vice versa is through a bank account.

If you are having issues transferring money from the Apple Pay app to Cash App, keep on reading. The process won’t be easy, but we’ll walk you through it step by step.

How to Transfer Money from Apple Pay to Cash App and What to Expect

Cash App and Apple Pay do not cooperate with each other.

Apple wants iPhone users to only use Apple Pay, so they don’t make it easy to transfer money to other apps.

You can transfer money if you have an Apple Cash card, but not directly to Cash App.

You have to apply for the Apple Cash card separately. It does not automatically work with the Apple Pay account.

Ways to Transfer Money from Apple Pay to Cash App

Here are two ways to transfer money from Apple Pay to your Cash App account.

The first way is through the Apple Cash Card to your bank account and the second way is through your bank account.

Use the Apple Cash Card to Transfer Money to Cash App

To use the Apple Cash card, you must first apply for the card.

You can transfer money between Apple Cash and Cash App after they approved you for the card.

How to Apply for an Apple Cash Card

This is how to apply:

  • After you login into your Cash App account, select the Cash Card option.
  • Use the option to add Cash App to the Apple Pay account. You will need all of your financial information, including your banking routing number.
  • After your financial information is confirmed by both applications, click Done.

There might be a 24-hr wait to transfer money, but that is unlikely.

How to Transfer Money from the Apple Cash Card to a Debit Card

Now that you have been approved for the Apple Cash card, here’s how to transfer money from the Apple Cash card to your debit card:

  • When you log into your Apple pay, press on the three dots on the Apple pay cash card.
  • Select the transfer to bank option.
  • Select your preferred banking account and then type in the amount you wish to transfer to that account.
  • Press the transfer button and check all the billing information to make sure everything is correct.

The instant transfer is only available to accounts connected to debit cards.

If your Apple cash card is connected directly to your bank account, then it will take one to three days to transfer the money.

Use Your Bank Account to Send Money Between Apple Pay and Cash App

In order to get money from Apple Pay to Cash App, transfer the money from your Apple Pay account to your bank account first, and then to your Cash App account.

You have two options to transfer money from Apple Pay to your bank account.

They can either have their money transferred instantly. This is known as the Instant Transfer option.

This option is only available to people with debit cards.

If the cash app account is directly tied to the bank account, then it will take one to three days to transfer the money.

Why Would Someone Want Their Money in Their Cash App Account Instead of Their Apple Pay Account?

One major reason some people prefer their Cash App account instead of their Apple Pay account is to send money to other mobile applications.

If you use Apple Pay, you can only send money to other Apple Pay accounts.

But if you use Cash App, you can send money to other types of applications.

Issues to Watch For

Nothing is perfect, so be sure to watch out for a few issues.

Money Won’t Transfer Because of Banking Issues

If there’s a problem with your bank account, like a lack of funds or a pause in all banking activity, then you won’t be able to transfer the money from a Cash app account or Apple Pay account.

Before you’re attempting to transfer money to and from your bank account, resolve any issues to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Update Your iPhone’s, iPad’s, or Mac software or IOS to transfer money

For certain devices, like your iPhone or iPad, Apple will not allow you to transfer money to and from your Apple Pay account unless the Apple Pay App or the device’s IOS system is updated.

When there is a new update for your iPhone, update it immediately so you can transfer money without delay whenever you must.

Final Thoughts

When filling out financial information for your Cash App account, Apple Pay, and bank account, do it over a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Do not fill out your financial information while at a coffee shop, library, restaurant, or your work.

Fill out your financial information over your home Wi-Fi connection or use a secure VPN connection.