How To Tell If Your iPhone Is Global Or GSM (With Screenshots)

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Global (also known as CDMA) and GSM are two different technologies. GSM uses a SIM card while Global is attached to a specific network. Knowing this about your device can help you determine what you can do with it.

How To Tell If Your iPhone Is Global Or GSM

Open Settings

Go To General

Find General under Settings. It should only be a little bit of a ways down.

Click About

Click About. This will lead you to all the information about your iPhone, including your Model Number.

Identify Model Number

Your Model Number should be within the first box right under Model Name.

Go To Apple Support

Next you will go to Apple Support to identify the specs of your phone. This is where you can figure out if your phone is GSM or Global.

Look At Your Phone Specs

You will need to scroll through until you find your phone’s model. So if you have a iPhone 14 Pro Max, you should click on the tech specs for that model.

Compare Model Number To Specs

A page will open for your phone’s model. You can scroll down until your find Model Numbers and compare your model number with the correlating number.

Once you have found yours, it will tell you beneath the number if your phone is GSM or Global!

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