How to Sync Wyze Scale with Fitbit

Man smiling at fitbit watch while outside working out.Man smiling at fitbit watch while outside working out.

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The Wyze Scale is compatible with several apps and tracking devices, including Fitbit. By syncing the two devices together, you can get the best possible biometric and fitness readings across both. The information recorded from your Fitbit and Fitbit app will automatically upload to your Wyze app.

Syncing your Wyze Scale with your Fitbit is easy, and it only takes a matter of seconds. Continue reading to learn more about syncing your devices and how it can improve your scale’s accuracy.

How to Sync Your Wyze Scale to Your iPhone or Android

By now, you probably know that you need the Wyze app to control your scale. You can download this app for free online. Once you have downloaded it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, take these steps to sync your Wyze Scale to your Fitbit:

  1. Open the Wyze app.
  2. Go to Devices and select your scale.
  3. Select Authorize Third-Party Apps.
  4. Choose your Fitbit.
  5. Tap Authorize.

From here, the app will take you to Fitbit’s website. To complete the set-up process:

  1. Hit Allow All.
  2. Choose Open after it asks, “Open in Wyze App?”

Once it says, “Got it,” you have successfully synced your two devices.

Wyze Scale and Fitbit Won’t Sync?

On some online message boards, users have reported problems they’ve had while connecting their Wyze Scales to their Fitbits. Here are a few common issues and solutions that could assist you:

You Need to be in Bluetooth Range

For your Fitbit to relay information to your Wyze Scale, it needs to be in range. This is because both devices rely on Bluetooth to exchange data. Make sure that your phone has Bluetooth enabled. Try standing in the same room as your scale to upload information.

Wyze Scale Does Not Work with All Devices

Wyze Scale relies on the latest technological advances to curate your health profile. As such, it is not compatible with older iPhones and Android devices. You need Android 5.0 or higher or iOS 9 or higher to operate the app.

The Wyze app does not work with Windows phones at all, no matter what version you have. It also does not work with Windows tablets or Kindle Fire Tablets.

Make Sure You Have Third-Party Sharing Enabled

Users see the term “Third-Party Sharing” and immediately assume that Wyze is selling their private information. This is not the case. Instead, the term refers to your scale’s ability to “talk” to your other smart devices.

Go into the Wyze app’s settings to see if you have this feature enabled. If not, follow the steps mentioned above.

Make Sure Your Apps Are Fully Updated

Just like how your Wyze Scale needs an app to capture data, so does your Fitbit. You can run your Fitbit on your desktop computer, but this still requires you to download a program. Make sure that all of your apps are fully updated. If they are not on the latest update, there could be issues with transferring information.

There Could be a Hardware Problem

As noted, your devices rely on a Bluetooth connection to exchange information. Bluetooth relies on a piece of hardware that can be damaged or entirely non-functional. If your Fitbit could not connect with your Wyze Scale at all, it could be an issue with its manufacturing.

The solution to this problem depends on what device is malfunctioning. Wyze gives all of its products a one-year warranty beginning from the date of purchase. Generally, it only covers factory-related issues­––not problems related to wear-and-tear. Fitbit also insures all of its products under a one-year warranty.

These companies might replace or repair your device free of charge, depending on the root cause of your problem. You may need to register your devices online for a smooth claims process.

Wyze Scale vs. Fitbit Measurements

After a few days of activity, some users have complained that their Fitbits did not upload all data to their Wyze Scales. The truth is, your Wyze Scale will capture some things that your Fitbit will not. Wyze Scale captures your:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Heart rate
  • Body mass index
  • Body water percentage
  • Bone mass
  • Visceral fat
  • Metabolic age
  • Weight
  • Muscle mass
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Protein percentage
  • Metabolic age

Fitbits capture this information:

  • Your walking speed
  • Oxygen saturation level (limited to specific models)
  • Distance walked
  • Your heart rate
  • Your sleep schedule

Clearly, you can see that while the data between these two products may overlap, they are not the same. However, know that the Wyze app rather than the scale will more likely keep up with the data that comes from your Fitbit, which will help your scale provide accurate results.

In Conclusion

You can connect your Wyze Scale with your Fitbit through the Wyze app. By enabling third-party sharing, you allow your scale to share data with your other devices. To learn more about operating your Wyze Scale, consult your user manual.

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