How to Share Nest Cam


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You can keep an eye on your nest camera from anywhere you want and even share the feeds with others. If you want to give your grandparents a live view of the kids or perhaps share street views with your neighbors, this post has got you covered. By default, your Nest camera video footage is set to private. However, you can choose to share your Nest camera live video with friends and family. 

To share your Nest cam with others, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Nest account from your computer or go to your Nest app, and click on the “Nest Cam Feed.” 
  2. Click on the Settings icon from the top right corner and scroll down to the “Camera Sharing” function. 
  3. Click on “Camera Sharing.” This will allow you to share Nest Camera footage either by sharing a password-encrypted link or by sharing with a public link.

You’re probably still wondering whether you can view the footage simultaneously from two phones or if you can use a Nest camera on two accounts. Don’t worry. We’ve got all the answers below. Keep reading below to learn if you can use two accounts for your Nest camera and how to share video easily.

Can a Nest Camera Be On Two Accounts?

If you have a household with multiple adults, it’s a good idea to create separate Nest accounts to avoid accidental changes. You can also create separate accounts for each home if you have more than one, which allows you to manage different homes independently. However, there’s a limit to the number of people who can share a nest home. 

There should be only one Owner for each account. The Owner can give full access to the Nest camera to a maximum number of 9 people and an additional number of 10 people with Home Entry only. 

While regular users have almost the same permissions as the Owner of the Nest camera, only the Owner can edit or delete home apps and update billing information or change and cancel the Nest Aware subscription.

Now, let’s take a look at how to share Nest videos with others.

How Do I Share My Nest Video?

It’s not wise to share your Nest account email and password with anybody. But how do you share your Nest video without giving them your account email and password? 

There are three options for you to share the Nest camera live video stream with other people without giving your account information:

  1. Add members to your Nest Family. (All members of the Nest Family can access to watch your Nest Cam’s feeds.)
  2. Share your camera by creating a public link. 
  3. Share your camera with a password-encrypted link. 

The main difference between Nest Family members and people with links is that the latter can only view live streams but can’t control cameras or get any alerts for sound, motion, and more. You must be wondering how to share Nest with people whom you haven’t added to your Nest Family accounts.

If you would like to learn more about Nest cameras, take a look at this article.

The next section answers how to create both the public link and the password-encrypted link to share your Nest cam’s live video stream.

How Do I Share My Nest With Others?

If you want to share your Nest Cam feed with people whom you have not added to your Nest family, all you need to do is provide them either with a public or a password-protected link. 

Here are the steps to generate both the public and password-encrypted link to share your Nest with others:

  1. If you’re using a smartphone, open the Nest app and tap the camera feed icon. You can also access the feature by signing in to your Nest account from a computer.
  2. From the top-right corner, click on the Settings gear icon. This will open a dialogue box. Scroll down and click Camera sharing, which will give you the option to allow other people to access your camera feed. 
  3. By default, your footage is set to private, but if you want to share with the public, click any of the two options: “Share with password” or “Share publicly.” If you choose “Share with password,” anyone with the password can watch your Nest Cam live video footage. If you choose “Share publicly,” you’ll enable anyone with the link to watch the feed without a password. 
  4. Generally, people choose to share with a password, and if you choose this option, all you need is to create a password with at least eight characters and click allow. 
  5. This will open up the last screen from where you can copy and share the link. Nest Cam links are password-protected, so only the people you trust with the password will be able to check in on the video if you want to stop sharing your nest camera or change the password from this screen.

Now, let’s look at whether you can connect Nest to 2 separate phones.

Can You Connect Nest To 2 Phones?

Multiple members can use the Nest camera. The Owner can install the Nest app on more than one phone and view the live feed. The Owner of the Nest cam can also create accounts for other family members so they can use the camera, too

Long story short: your Nest camera can be connected to more than two phones as long as the users have installed the Nest app on their phone and have shared access to use their email address.


Now you know how to share Nest cam with others and keep an eye on the live feed from anywhere you want.

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