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How To Share Nest Cam Video

Last Updated Nov 30, 2021

With so many people capturing great, captivating images, and videos with their Nest Cams these days, it is only natural for them to want to be able to share them with family and loved ones. For those who may not know how to do so look no further! After reading this article you too will know how to share Nest Cam videos like a pro!

All that you have to do to share your Nest Cam video is login to, select the camera you would like to choose from, followed by the video clip that you would like to share. 

Now that you know how to share your Nest Cam videos you may be asking yourself what else can I do with my Nest Cam videos, and are there any other sharing options that I need to know about? Keep reading to learn if you can share a single Nest Cam with others, as well as how to let others view your Nest Cam feed, and much more!

Can You Share a Single Nest Camera?

Once you become a Nest Cam owner, you may want to know if you could share access to that camera to your family and loved ones. The answer to that question is yes! Find out here how you can share access to any of, or just one of your Nest Cams.

To share full access with any of your Nest Cameras with someone all you have to do is send them an invitation through the Nest app. After giving them access that person will have full access and control to your Nest Camera.

It may be a good idea to make sure that the person you grant access to is someone that you trust since that person will have full access to it, but with that access in the right hands it can be great! Still, this is not all that you can do with your Nest Cam, to find out how to let others share, and see your Nest Cam feed, keep reading.

How Do I Let People See My Nest Cam?

If you come from a big family or have a group of friends that you are close to, you may decide that you want to allow others to view your Nest Cam. Or maybe you and your family are going out of town for vacation, and you would like to allow someone access to your Nest cam to help keep an eye on your house. Allow me to teach you how to be able to do so.

To allow others to be able to view your Nest Cam you need to click on the settings gear icon, then in the settings menu click on the “Camera sharing” button. Then choose “share publicly.” This does not mean that anyone will be able to view your Nest cam feed, but only people you share the link with.

Being able to allow others to view your Nest Cam feed is one of the many great features of the Nest Cam, and a big part of what makes the Nest Cam so great! We all want to be able to allow others to view some of the great videos that we may have captured, or be able to allow someone access to our Nest Cam feed so that they can help us look after our home.

Thankfully for us the Nest Cam does allow us to do this, all while still being able to control who you allow that access too. When it comes to who and how you allow access to your Nest Cam, in my next section I will have all the answers you need to know how to add who you want to your Nest Cam.

 How Do I Add a Family Member To My Nest Cam?

After you have purchased  your Nest Cam and set it up, you may decide that you want to add a family member or two. Maybe grandma wants to see video feeds of her grandchildren, or your brother wants to help you look over the house when you are gone. Here is how you can allow them access to your Nest Cam.

To allow a family member access to your Nest Cam first you need to open the Nest app, followed by tapping settings. Then you want to select Family & Guests, and enter the person’s name as you would like it to appear when they login. Then you are all set for them to access your Nest Cam.

With so many things going on in your busy household, having the Nest Cam can be a great way to capture those wonderful moments you may have missed before trying to get your phone, or camera out. Allowing family members, and friends to view those great family moments is one of the many things that makes the Nest Cam so useful!


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