How to Setup a Routine on Echo Glow in 6 Easy Steps

kids bedtime routine sleeping wake upkids bedtime routine sleeping wake up

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The Echo Glow is a smart lamp created by Amazon for children. It can be used with other Amazon devices to having Alexa functionality. This opens up the option of setting up routines that use the Glow as part of the fun.

If you are an Echo Glow owner looking to get more out of its features, check out this guide on how to set up a routine on the device in six easy steps.  

How to Setup a Routine on Echo Glow

The Echo Glow smart lamp for kids was released in 2019 as an accessory for the Echo Dot, Amazon’s famous Alexa speaker. The Echo Glow is a multicolor device that can greatly enhance the smart functionality of the Alexa-powered range in a way that the whole family can enjoy.

Designed as an Echo accessory, the Glow does require the Dot or another Alexa-compatible device to work. It is a fun tool to use in creating routines because it uses lighting cues as countdowns or alarms that kids can customize as they wish.

Setting up a routine that works with the Echo Glow only takes a few streamlined steps you can follow at any time. You can also use a routine on the Glow to complement the one already in use on the Dot.

To set up a routine on Echo Glow, follow these steps:

  • Download and open the Echo Glow app
  • Create the routine
  • Configure routine
  • Add action
  • Choose the device
  • Finalize

Open the Echo Glow App

When you decide to set up a routine on Echo Glow, the first step you will have to take is to open the Alexa app on your smartphone. If you already have several Echo devices, you will be familiar with the layout of the app.

Once opened, tap on Routines. You may have done this before when setting up routines on the Echo Dot, but if you haven’t, the process is a straightforward one no matter the level of prior experience with it.

Use Echo Glow Routines Menu to Create

Select the + sign when you open the Routines menu. This will allow you to add a new one, which you will then get to configure. Your first option is choosing the timing of the routine. Tap on When This Happens, which will allow you to select how to begin the routine.

Configure the Echo Glow Routine

When you create the routine, you will have various options when it comes to how to start the process. The most common one is to trigger the start of the routine with a voice command linked to the routine, such as ‘Alexa, I’m awake’ to indicate the beginning of the day.

If you’d rather have a different option, you can choose to start the routine at a scheduled time every day. Selecting this choice means that you won’t need to use a wake word or command and that Alexa will deploy it automatically at the specific time.

You can also configure the start of the routine to happen on a specific device like the Echo Glow or when you ignore a specific event like an alarm. The Echo Button can also be used to trigger the routine.

Add the Action for the New Echo Glow Routine

Once you’ve selected how the routine starts, you can add the details of what it does. With Echo Glow-specific routines, you can use the colors to create a full routine on the device or to add a sense of time and fun to routines on the Echo Dot.

For example, you can use the Echo Glow to mark which stage of a routine you are on. If you have a specific waking-up process, you can select different colors on the Echo Glow that will indicate the part of the process you are currently experiencing.

Also, for a waking up routine, you can configure the Echo Glow to be a sunrise simulator, which will make facing the beginning of the day much easier and can also be used to replace other smart lamps or light bulbs.

You can even use the Echo Glow to help with the kids’ daily routines or to indicate to them when you wake up.

Choose the Device for Alexa and Echo Glow Pairing

After choosing the particulars of your routine, you will be able to select which device you want to use it on from the Alexa app. If you have a routine specific to the Echo Glow, you should select that option.

If you want to use a combination routine that runs on the Dot and the Echo, make sure to pick both devices. This will allow you to get the best out of your routines.

Finalize the Routine on Echo Glow

Once you’ve chosen the devices for the routine, the only step left is to select the Create option. This will save your newly configured routine. If you want to revise the parameters or check any other options, you can always go to the Routines list on the Alexa app.


Setting up a routine on the Echo Glow is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few minutes. All it requires is a smartphone with the Alexa app and access to the Echo Glow and whichever Alexa-compatible device you are using it with, like the Echo Dot.

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