How To Set Up Call Forwarding On An iPhone

iphone call settingsiphone call settings

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Sometimes you need to set up call forwarding, especially when you don’t want to be bothered. You can easily set up your phone to forward calls to another number in a matter of minutes, and here is how.

  1. Go To Settings
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  1. Find Phone Application

Scroll down until you find the green icon for “Phone,” and open it up.

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  1. Chose “Call Forwarding” Option

The “Call Forwarding” option will be in the “calls” section on the next screen.

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  1. Turn It On

Next to “Call Forwarding,” there should be an option to turn it on or off. When you toggle the button on, it will turn green to inform you that it is on. You will then need to choose the “Forward to…” for the next step.

call forwarding toggled on
  1. Enter Number

To enter the number you want to forward to, click on the “Forward to…” option. It will bring you to a new screen where you can enter the number the calls will be going to. Once you have entered that number, you are all set!

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