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How to Set Up a Bird Nest Cam

Last Updated Nov 30, 2021
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If you love watching birds then the bird nest cam is a device that can enhance your bird watching experience. This device has become very popular with scientists and amateur bird lovers especially since it helps enjoy watching birds’ interesting behaviors just from the comfort of your home. 

Choosing the right Nest cam depends on you, your budget, what kind of camera you are going to use, and the size of the bird box you are going to get for the bird species you are trying to attract. Then once you purchase it, you have to think of a place to situate it. 

Now after you have made that decision all that is left is to set it up and that is where we come in with this article. Just scroll down and you’ll find out how to set it up, with various pointers that will help you enjoy your bird watching without any hassles. 

Select the Best Place to Place Your Bird Nest Cam

If you haven’t selected a place where you are going to set up your bird nest, then here is a tip: make sure that the place you will select is close to your WiFi router if you are using a wireless camera or close to your television if you are using the wired camera and that the place is one that you won’t disturb and startle the birds. 

Get a Suitable Bird Cam to Fit Your Purpose

There are various bird cams to choose from either the wireless or wired camera all with advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one depends on your budget and where you want to watch from. Is it from your TV, your computer, or your phone and tablet? 

All these are entirely up to you. Here is something that can help you differentiate the different types of cameras:

  • Wired cameras: These feature long lengths of cable to connect to your television that ensures you will get reliable high-quality images. They are of many variations and price so choose accordingly. 
  • Wireless cameras: These cameras provide the solution of simply setting up your camera and connecting it to your Wi-Fi network. This allows you to watch it on your computer, tablet, or phone wherever you might be only if there is an internet connection. 

If you would like to learn more about your Nest cam, check out this article.

Install Your Camera into the Bird Nest

Now after you have your best location, your bird box, and a great camera, it’s time to install your camera onto your bird nest. Ensure that your bird nest: 

  • Is a suitable size for the birds
  • That it has the correct entrance
  • The bird box is protected from weather conditions i.e. sun, rain, wind
  • That it has a removable top lid for easy cleaning and for setting up of your camera

Now, let’s look into which direction the camera should face.

Which Direction Should The Bird Nest Face?

The best way for a bird nest to face is either north or east. This position is very helpful as it provides natural protection from weather conditions and also it creates a safe environment for the birds. 

Bird nests come in different sizes and shapes, not because of the cameras but because of the birds. All birds require their type of boxes, for instance, a woodpecker cannot fit into a bird nest made for owls. Once you have considered all that for your bird box, the camera is next in line. Remember, the cameras have different ways of setting them up according to whether it’s wireless or wired. 

Wireless Nest Cams

If you are using a wireless camera all you need to do is:

  1. Download the bird nest cam app on your phone
  2. Link the camera to your phone app
  3. Let your camera connect before fitting inside the wall of the bird box.

This is quite an important titbit to bear in mind: Just before you position your nest cam on your birdhouse, first connect your camera to your phone app and secondly install your camera just before the birds start to nest

Wired Nest Cam

For the wired camera, all you need to do is: 

  1. Drill a hole to the side of the bird.
  2. Fit in the cable through the hole that has been thrilled before connecting the camera to the cable. 
  3. Position the camera correctly according to the manual’s instructions before screwing the camera to the wall of the bird box. 
  4. Then finally connect the camera to your TV to see if it works. 

Now when the nest camera is well fitted, you might ask yourself, how do you film a bird? The answer to this is by getting a webcam, connecting to your router then to your computer, and setting it up next to the bird nest. This way you’ll be able to check out the bird’s movements

When you have it, you can be able to record the birds from their nest. 


We’ve seen that bird cams provide a unique opportunity to watch the birds from wherever you are without disturbing them. This in turn will give us entertainment and keep our minds occupied as we enjoy wildlife.

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