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How To See Calculator History On iPhone (With Screenshots)

Last Updated Jan 6, 2023
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Seeing the history on your calculator can be very useful. iOS systems don’t have a way to see the history but you can find the most recent solution. Here is what you need to know.

How To See Calculator History On iPhone

Although you can’t see the full history of your calculator on your iPhone, you can see the most recent solution within it. Just follow these steps to figure out what that is.

Find The Calculator App

First you need to find the calculator application on your phone. You can find this on your home screen or you can pull down your short cuts and it should be there. Short cuts is much faster.

Open The App

Open the application. When you open the application, depending on the phone’s position, it may be in the standard calculator or scientific calculator. 

You should find the most recent solution where the numbers are supposed to be. This is the last thing you try to solve when using your calculator. 

Copy The Solution

Here you can copy the solution if you need to. It is not always necessary. You may just want to look at the solution and see what you have gotten.


Just remember that if you can’t see the last solution, it may be because the app refreshed or was completely closed. Hopefully, you will see the calculator history in future updates.