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How To Screenshot On An ASUS Laptop (Quick And Easy)

Last Updated Nov 2, 2022
A man using an ASUS laptop to work

A screenshot is an easy way to save information on your laptop without having to keep excess tabs open or copy and paste important details. So, how do you screenshot on an ASUS laptop?

You can easily take a screenshot on an ASUS laptop by pressing PrtSc + Windows. This method quickly captures an image of your entire display and saves it to your device. 

However, there are other methods of taking screenshots on an ASUS laptop, including the Snipping tool. Keep reading to learn about this tool and even more ways to screenshot.

How to Screenshot on an ASUS Laptop

There are a few different methods of taking a screenshot on an ASUS laptop, so we’ll start with the basics:

  • PrtSc
  • PrtSc + Windows

You can screenshot your entire display by pressing PrtSc on your ASUS laptop keyboard. However, the image will only be copied to your clipboard, not saved.

While this method is great if you need to send a screenshot in an email quickly, it can be inconvenient to take the extra steps to save the screenshot to your device permanently.

You can take and automatically save a screenshot of your full display by following these steps:

  1. Press the PrtSc and Windows buttons simultaneously
  2. Notice your screen dim for a moment, indicating the screenshot has been captured
  3. View your captured screenshot(s) in the “Screenshot” folder in your files

Other Ways to Screenshot

For more specific needs, there are more screenshot methods with their own specific benefits.

To capture a screenshot of your active window rather than your entire display, press Alt + PrtSc simultaneously. The screenshot will be copied to your clipboard. 

You can permanently save a screenshot from your clipboard onto your ASUS laptop by following these steps:

  1. Press PrtSc or Alt + PrtSc to capture a screenshot 
  2. Open MS Paint (or your preferred graphics software)
  3. Press Ctrl + V to paste your screenshot into MS Paint
  4. If desired, this is a good time to crop or edit your screenshot as needed
  5. Press Save to save your screenshot to any location on your ASUS device

The methods covered so far are simple, easy, and quick, but if you want to get fancy with your screenshots, the Snipping tool offers more flexibility in what you can capture. 

Make sure, in the end, you don’t have too many applications running at once. It can cause your ASUS laptop’s battery to drain quickly.

How to Use the Snipping Tool on an ASUS Laptop

The Snipping tool is a feature on all ASUS laptops that allows you to take screenshots and save them automatically to your laptop. There are four different kinds of snipping tools:

Full-screen snipCaptures the entire display, similar to using PrtSc
Window snipCaptures only the active window; similar to Alt + PrtSc
Rectangular snipCaptures the area inside of a moveable and adjustable rectangle; useful for capturing specific details of a window
Free-form snipCaptures the area inside of a fully-customizable shape; useful for capturing irregular forms

The full-screen and window snip tools should seem familiar to you at this point, as they are essentially another pathway to the same screenshots described earlier in this article. 

However, the rectangular and free-form snip tools might initially seem a bit daunting. You can easily master all of these screenshot methods by following these steps:

  1. Make sure the window (or windows) you wish to capture are open
  2. Use the search bar on your ASUS laptop to search “Snip”
  3. Select the Snipping tool application
  4. Select “New” on the upper left corner of the Snipping tool window
  5. Select from the four types of snipping tools available to you

If you wish to use the full-screen or window snip functions, you only need to click on “Full-screen” or “Window” and the screenshot will be captured.

More Snipping Tool Functions

What’s unique about the snipping tool is that it allows you to fully customize which areas you’d like to screenshot with the rectangular and free-form snipping tools. 

Taking screenshots and snipping on your ASUS laptop can be used for important things such as taking evidence, or you can even have fun with it while in a video chat.

To use the rectangular snip function, click on “Rectangular” and use your trackpad or wireless mouse to create a rectangle encompassing the area you’d like to capture. 

To use the free-form snip tool, select “Free-form” and use your mouse to outline the area you’d like to capture. This tool is great for capturing specific elements from a photo. 

The rectangular and free-form snip tools capture your screenshot when you release your mouse button, so it may take a couple of tries to get the shape right. Don’t give up if it’s not perfect!

All screenshots taken with the Snipping tool will automatically be saved to the “Screenshots” folder in your ASUS laptop’s files, which is much more convenient than going through MS Paint.


There are lots of ways to screenshot on an ASUS laptop. The easiest and most convenient method is PrtSc + Windows, while the most customizable is the Snipping tool. 

Try them all out and see which method is best for you!

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