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How To Scan On The HP Deskjet Printer?

Last Updated May 23, 2022
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The HP Deskjet is a convenient printer that is perfect for any home office or small business. It has fast high-quality printing that gets you what you need quickly. It isn’t just a printer though. Many HP Deskjet printers also have scanning capabilities. This is great for pictures and important documents. So, how do you scan on the HP Deskjet printer?

Every printer has a different method to use when it comes to scanning. Each printer is unique and requires different settings, buttons, and applications. Knowing this, it is important to keep reading to find out the best way to use the scanner on your HP Deskjet printer.

General Scanning

When it comes to a scanner on a printer, they all typically have similar functionality and features. Most printer/scanner combos have a manual paper tray and a glass scanning table. These features are important when scanning and copying documents. How exactly does scanning on the HP Deskjet printer work, though?

You will take the piece of paper or document that you want to scan. Place it on the glass and shut the top, or feed it through the manual tray. Then select the scan option on the physical printer or the phone app. The document will scan to the indicated designation.

Although the process seems relatively simple, it differs depending on the operating system you use. Each operating system works a little differently and has different instructions. Keep reading to find out the best way to scan on the HP Deskjet printer with each different type of major device.

Scanning to Windows or Mac

It is relatively easy to scan to a Windows or Mac device with an HP Deskjet printer. This is because the printer uses a smart app to help the process along. Not only will it help the scanning process, but it will expedite it. Follow these easy instructions to complete your first scan job with the HP Deskjet printer:

  1. Download and install the HP Smart app onto the computer. 
  2. Log in to the account; you must have a login for the functionality to work appropriately.
  3. Add the printer to the app if it is not already connected.
  4. After adding the printer, go to the HP Smart Scans option.
  5. Start your scanning process.

The HP Smart app has a user-friendly and intuitive design that makes it easy for anyone to scan, print, and copy documents. Documents that are scanned in can even be adjusted within the app for better image quality and sharpness.

Troubleshooting Scanning Issues

Sometimes when we go to scan a document, there is a problem. This can be due to many different reasons, and it can be hard to figure out the root cause. Sometimes generic methods to fix the problem work well. Here are some tips and tricks to use the next time your scanner decides it no longer wants to function properly.

Check the Internet

If you are trying to scan something wirelessly, and it will not work, you are likely having an internet connection issue. This will cause the computer or device to stop talking to the printer, and the scan will not occur. Reset the connection and wait a few minutes. Then try scanning your document again.

Check the Cables

A loose cable is all it takes for a scanner to stop functioning properly. Whether it be the power cable or the ethernet cable, it can cause frustration if it loosens up. Turn the scanner/printer around and wiggle the wires. Make sure they are secured into the printer/scanner tightly. Try scanning again.

Check the Drivers

Technology is being updated constantly. The same can be said about printers and scanners. HP regularly sends out updates to ensure its products are working in tip-top shape. This means if a driver is out of date, the HP Deskjet printer can stop scanning properly. Go online to the HP website, find your model, and download the most up-to-date firmware package.


Windows OS users need to ensure that Windows Image Acquisition is enabled in order to print and scan with their HP Deskjet printers properly. If this function is not on, it can block the device from working at all. Ensure that it is toggled on by going into the system settings on your PC. You can simply search WIA and it should pop up. Then try scanning again.

Clean the Glass

Sometimes the glass table that is used to scan on the HP Deskjet printer gets dirty and becomes unrecognizable by the system. The best way to combat this is to clean the glass with a microfiber cloth. This will wipe away debris and smudges that could be affecting the sensor on the printer and scanner combo. Once you ensure it is clean and clear, try scanning once more.

Scan Away

Scanning with an HP Deskjet printer is quick and easy. It is also very versatile because so many different devices can use the scanning function. These printers are great options because of their wide array of capabilities. Happy scanning. 

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