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How To Right-Click On iPhone (With Video And Screenshots)

Last Updated Dec 20, 2022
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Right clicking is a little different than when you try to right click using your mouse on your computer. But it isn’t too difficult and you can learn how to do it in a matter of seconds.

How To Right-Click On iPhone

Right clicking on your phone can be a little hard to figure out if you don’t know how to do it. Here are the steps to follow so you can be right clicking in no time.

Find The Text

Right clicking is usually used to copy or select text whether it is within an article or a web link. You can also use it to select images as well.

Once you have found what you want to copy or select, you can move onto the next step.

Hold Your Finger On The Screen

Put your finger over the text or image you want to select or copy. A small bubble will pop up and the text or image will be highlighted. Usually it is one word that will be highlighted but it all depends.

Select Text

You can click on the blue lines on either end of the highlighted text and adjust how much of the text you want to copy. You can change it to paragraphs or make it as small as a letter.

If you are trying to copy the whole document, there is often a selection to either “select” or “select all.” The “select all” is a shortcut to select all the text within a document.

Copy And Paste

Once you have chosen the text or image you want to copy, click on “copy” within the options bar that will pop up. This will be added to your clipboard on your phone.

Go to where you where you want to copy the information and you can right click to paste the information into your chosen destination.


Once you have completed these steps, you can do all the copy and pasting you desire. It’s not something you will easily forget! The full process will look something like this: